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The discovery of one of the books published by a Kaduna-based publisher, Malam Mande Faru, who also doubles as the managing director, Iqra Publishing Company, at the scene of the recent Kaduna bomb blast at Mando area, was responsible for his arrest, Daily Sun has learnt.

Upon the discovery, Daily Sun further learnt, detectives raided Mande's office where other materials about Boko Haram were also found. All these made the police to pick him up and he has been in detention at the Gabasawa Police Station, Kaduna, since December 21, 2011.

He is, however, yet to be charged to court because, according to sources, the 'police investigation has revealed nothing incriminating against him.'

According to one of the sources, 'one of the books found at the scene of the blast was published by Mande's company and we arrested him because the material was inciting. But the suspect (Mande) has made very useful statement to the police but I am sure you are not expecting me to divulge all the information to you,' the source added.

But another reliable source confided in Daily Sun that police investigations had also revealed that Mande had printed many Islamic books that were being sold in the open market and therefore wondered why Mande would be picked up on that ground.

On other materials relating to Boko Haram found in Mande's office, the source further said, 'Mande wanted to do a documentary on Boko Haram. In the course of his investigation, don't forget, he is also a journalist, so he met one Mohammad Lawal who is very versed in Arabic.

'Mohammed Lawal is a well known cleric in Kaduna and he teaches Islamic studies to the children of big men in their homes. So, Mande enlisted him to help in the translations of Arabic texts.

'Now, Mohammad Lawal later linked Mande up to one Atiku who is said to be a member of Boko Haram. So Mande met with Atiku and told him about his documentary. This was how Atiku started sending materials, including audio and video tapes to Mande.

'So when the police raided Mande's office at Unguwar Sarki, they also found those materials that Atiku had been sending him there,' the source said.

Curiously, however, while Mande has been in detention, for about 14 days, Mohammad Lawal, who is the link man, is 'roving the streets a free man,' the source revealed.

As at the time of filing this report, frantic efforts were being made by Mande's counsel, Mr. Mohammed Mustapha, to secure his bail.