NOLLYWOOD palava and wahala!


I have tried to settle the only remaining crisis in the Nollywood Kingdom, but when you have men behaving like kids, what can I do? These men in the Actors Guild are rude, power drunk and over ambitious. You can imagine the crisis going on at the shameless Anambra, 47 candidates for one governorship post. This is how these same boys are disgracing all of us in the name of Presidency of a dying industry. Ejike has at last agreed and he thinks that all his stewardship, crisis, confusion and bad blood he caused will just fly away – NEVER. He must surely give account to the Stakeholders so that we can all judge his tenure. Now Segun Arinze has been elected as the new man on the block. I want K.O.K to temper justice with mercy, he should try to bend and let us see Arinze's miracle. If there is no undertone in this Presidency they all fight for, then they must all be crazy.

The Movie Industry is dying and these men are busy selling papers with their words. Kunle Afolayan and Stephanie Okereke are busy trying to show good example and the way forward. We should all be thinking of how to do better than them, return Nollywood to number two in Productions, improved contracts, technology. I have a dynamic world class script but I can't find any Distributor who wants to handle the distributions. I have been able to get top stars standing by to take part. A film with Sam Dede, Justus Esiri, Zack Orji, Paul Obazele, Benita, Mercy, Dike Ernest, Gbenga Richards, Jebola, Kunle Coker, two American actors, one French actor to be imported. Censors Board has licensed 160 distributors, all of whom are incompetent wrecked and poor. These are the problems with the Movie Industry.

The Cable stations, African Magic, Daarsat, Mitv and Hitv don't invest in Nollywood yet they show Nollywood films for cheap air time. HITV spent millions of pounds to buy foreign football to us, charge N6,000 it and they can't donate just N1,000 per cable to the growth of Nollywood. As for African Magic, they have turn their channel to a complete TV station under the cover of their parent company DSTV Multi-choice. I have been telling the Movie Stakeholders to stop all our films on the channel, we should make good film and face the cinema for premieres before the pirates abused Home Video. None of our films should be exploited by the selfish people unless they join in our growth.

I have been trying to talk sense into these men and to remind them that they are getting older, poorer and that they should make the best use of their youthful days. There are over twelve court cases going on, now they are making lawyers rich and busy. I want to beg these men to calm down and and rely on their sense of reasoning. They should help sanitize the Movie Industry and be proud to say it happened during my time. If anybody wants to join real politics, they should show interest and we will support such a person and be proud of his achievements in politics.

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