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By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors * Emails: [email protected] ;

THE MAIN CHARACTERISTICS OR FEATURES of Continental AfrikaReligion can be summarized as follows:

Like Christianity and Islam, Continental AfrikaReligion believes in and teaches the existence of One Supreme Being Concept as the Creator AFRIKAMAWU who is known to all French People as Dieu, to all the British as God, to all the Arabs as Allah, to all the Jews as Jehovah/Adonai.

That means, long before these Foreign Religions were imposed on Afrikans , Continental Afrikans knew the Creator AFRIKAMAWU as Mama EZI or ISIS as the Mother Goddess of the Ancient World

That is why , every Afrikan Language/People has a name for the Supreme Being and the Creator of all Things .

That is why it is said in our AfrikaLanguage that No One teaches the Way of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU who is INNATE TO AND WITHIN us all which means, the knowledge of AFRIKAMAWU is innate and natural to all Human and Non-Human Beings

Besides, Christianity talks of God of Israel, while Continental AfrikaReligion believes in the Supreme Deity of Afrika.

In the same way, Christianity talks of God of Abraham, God of Jacob and God of Isaac.

Continental AfrikaReligion too believes in the Supreme Deity of AFADEWO (Pharaoh), the Supreme Deity of Garvey, the Supreme Deity of Nkrumah and the Supreme Deity of Afrika, etc

Christianity, Islam and Continental AfrikaReligion, all believe in the Concept of the Intermediary between the Living and the Creator.

Christianity passes through Jesus of Nazareth to God, Islam passes through Mohammed to get to their Allah while Continental AfrikaReligion passes through the world's first AFRIKACHRIST CALLED HORUS-OSIRIS to their Creator AFRIKAMAWU .

Christianity believes their Jesus Christ was born by a Virgin Mary, performs miracles, was crucified on the cross, buried and resurrected the third day into heaven to God for them was based on and copied from the Story of the world's First Virgin Birth based on the fact that Five thousand years before the birth of the Christian Jesus, Continental Afrikan in Ancient Egypt in Afrika had Horus born by the World first Virgin Woman called EZI corrupted today as ISIS .

Like Jesus, Horus also performs divine miracles. Horus, like Jesus, was also crucified on the cross. Horus like Jesus died, was buried and the third day Horus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven as the world's First RESSURRECTED DEITY .

Jesus of Nazareth was given the little "Christ" meaning the Anointed and which is given to anyone who has attained ONENESS with the Supreme Being AFRIKAMAWU within him/her.

In the same way, Horus the Virgin Continental AfrikaChild became Osiris the resurrected Continental Afrikan Supreme Deity to prove the IMMORTALITY OF ALL BEINGS AS DIVINE SPIRIT IN HUMAN FLESH or as the MICRO of the MACRO .

Besides, Christianity calls upon Jewish Ancestral Spirits they call Saints like Saint Joseph, Saint Michael, Saint Mary and the rest.

In the same way, Continental AfrikaReligion also reveres and pays homage to the Creator via their Ancient Continental Afrikan Ancestral Spirits and Saints like Saint Horus, Saint Isis, Saint Osiris, Saint Nkrumah, Saint Garvey etc .who are Saints to watch over , protect and guide the Living by the virtue of their ability to attain ONENESS with the Creator AFRIKAMAWU and which qualifies them to represent the Creator before the Living and to guide them in their Ultimate Desire to attain Oneness with the Limitless POWER and Blessing of their Divine, Ancestral , Spirit and Flesh Being in Life.

Christianity, Islam and Continental AfrikaReligion, all believe in communicating or talking directly to their Creator and their Saints which they call prayer and which Continental AfrikaReligion calls LIBATION .

All three religions believe in the Power of Sacrifice as a way of appeasing or winning favors from their Creator and Continental AfrikaSaints.

But unlike Christianity, Continental AfrikaReligion believes in the perfection and holiness of all the Creation of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU based on the COMMON SENSE FACT THAT WE ARE ALL CREATED BY AFRIKAMAWU WHO IS HOLY, PERFECT AND IMMORTAL . And since it is also true that AFRIKMAWU does not and cannot create Junks , it stands to reason that WE CAN ONLY BE WHAT AFRIKAMAWU IS FROM HEAD TO TOE BY LIVING IN TUNE ALWAYS TO THE LIMITLESS POWER AND BLESSING OF AFRIKAMAWU WITHIN US .

That means, unlike Christianity's man-made lies that all Human Beings are Sinners in need of a Savior who nobody saved except himself , AFRIKANITY believes all Human Beings have the INNATE POWER TO BE GOOD OR BAD, DIVINE OR SATAN, HAPPY OR UNHAPPY, SIN-FREE OR SINFUL, CRIME-FREE OR CRIMINAL , RICH OR POOR, HEALTHY OR SICK, STRONG OR WEAK, JUST OR UNJUST etc in life and that what we sow in Life , so we Reap after we leave here to the next Level of our Existence in the Heaven of our Goodness or in the Hell of our Evil deeds .

Likewise, unlike Christianity and Islam, AFRIKANITY does not believe in physical heaven in the Sky above our heads but rather believes in the HEAVEN EVERYWHERE THE CREATOR AFRIKAMAWU is .

Also, AFRIKANITY does not believe the Jewish Bible, the Christian Bible and the Arab Bible are not the only Holy Bibles there are but believes in the Power and Blessing of our own Afrikan Holy Bible as the World's first Bible and Mother of all today's Bibles.

And unlike Christianity and Islam who have a HE or a Male Creator, AFRIKANITY believes in a Female-based Creator AFRIKAMAWU who was once the world's FIRST Mother Goddess of the Universe in Ancient World in Ancient Afrikan until she was replaced by our today's Judeo/Western/Arab concepts of a Male Creator or Supreme Being behaving and acting like a crazy man ordering the Israelites to go and kill, destroy others which no True Creator who is Mother to all Beings can and will do.

The FEMALE-BASED CONCEPT OF THE CREATOR MAKES MORE SENSE AND MORE NATURAL than the He or Male- Creator because of the common sense FACT that it is easier for the FEMALE CREATOR AS THE MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSE to give birth to All today's Human Beings and the Universe and sustain all Life as the Source of Life than it is for a He Creator to do the same.

This view is supported by several examples of Female Animals who are both male and female capable of impregnating themselves without a male partner and giving birth to newborn without any problem.

And yet, Nowhere in the Human and Non-Human world do we see or it is physically possible for a male animal to IMPREGNATE himself and give BIRTH naturally to a new born no matter what Science they use.

BENEFITS of f knowing and living perpetually in tune to our Continental AfrikaReligion include total Continental Afrikan religious Rebirth, Awareness, Oneness, Empowerment, Liberation, Development, Riches, Enlighten, Happiness, Harmony, Peace, Security and Fulfillment in life.

In addition, the practice of our Continental AfrikaReligion confers on us the Power and Benefits of knowing and experiencing the right Creator who looks like us as Continental Afrikans and in the right Continental AfrikaWays of our Ancestral Saints and for the right reason which once made Afrika to be called, known and revered as the world's FIRST HOLY LAND or the LAND OF KA i.e. the Land of the SPIRIT which once made our made our Ancestors to naturally live and enjoy a Divinely-created, Ancestrally-protected and Spiritly-led Way of Life that is perfect, holy, religious, sacred, moral in Thoughts , Words and Deeds as religiously liberated Continental Afrikans for knowing how to live, talk, walk, see, hear, and become one with the Creator AFRIKAMAWU, their AfrikaSaints and their Holy Afrikan Spirit within them and in all Creation .

HAVOC of practising alien rather than Continental AfrikaReligion include: Total or practical Continental Afrikan religious Ignorance, continental Afrikan religious Up-rootment, confusion and crisis, in all fronts.

Besides, worshipping the wrong Creator in the wrong ways and for the wrong reasons through the wrong religions and the wrong intermediaries and the wrong religions which are more money, business and politics-based and oriented, can only starve, destroy, stagnate, contaminate or imprison our Continental AfrikaSoul/ Spirit/Being who daily searches and yearns for the right and pure Divine/Ancestral/Spirit-created, Spirit centered and Spirit-directed Continental AfrikaReligion of their own for their Salvation from their today's man-made Hell of the colonialism of alien religious in Afrika.

The fact that today's Continental/Diaspora Afrikans move from one alien church to another means our Continental Afrikan Spirithood or Psyche can only be at Peace with herself/himself when we recover, live in tune to, enjoy, share and benefit daily from Heaven of our AFRIKAMWU within us and in all Creation.

By COPYRIGHT (2011) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d'Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L' I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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