What Has Nollywood Taught You

Source: Osaremen Ehi James - Nigeriafilms.com

Though the Nigerian movie industry, which most stakeholders have come to terms to be referred to as Nollywood, there is no doubt that were errors and bad times it went through before its present state.

NigeriaFilms.Com is not in anyway trying to rubbish the progress in Nollywood with this feature story, but we just want to take a retrospect to those good old times when our Nollywood was funny and wonderful. Please do enjoy.

Nollywood has taught us that any female that throws up must be pregnant.

Nollywood has taught us that whenever an accident wants to happen, the vehicle, with the environment must repeatedly swerve left and right.

Nollywood has taught us that every pregnant woman must have a big protruding belly.

Nollywood has taught us that when a sergeant (three red strips) is called, a strapless police officer (constable) can answer.

Nollywood has taught us that a DPO in films can wear uniform showing the rank of a real Nigerian police Inspector.

Nollywood has taught us that title of any hit song (Gongo Aso) or a popular slang (Dadubule, BlackBerry Babes) can become a movie title.

Above are some of the many things Nollywood has taught us, what has Nollywood taught you?