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THE WORLD'S FIRST ORACLE IN OUR AFRIKAPARADISE or First AfrikaDivine Warning To Afrikans to Guard Against , c) 2011 by Prof. Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d'Etat; Doctorat d'Etat (PhD); DESS (M.Phil); M.Sc.; DIPLOME de l'IIAP, (Post-Grad.Dipl ;); BA Double HONS etc, Founder, AFRIKAMAWU MIRACLE MISSION, AMI INC; [email protected],

1. So, it comes to pass that AFRIKAMAWU, the Creator of the Universe assembles all her Creation in the holy Garden of MAMAAFRIKA for a Spiritual and Divine Meeting about the fate of the Sacred Continental Afrikan Land of HOLY AFRIKADU.

2. Father Sky or AFRIKADZI arrives first to the meeting, elegantly clothed in silver and diamond Kente Cloth.

3. His face shines with the Holy Light of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU within him.

4. Surrounded by his sacred celestial Children mortals call the Sun, Moon, Stars, Thunder, Air, Birds, Clouds, Rain and others, the Holy Celestial Father AFRIKADZI awaits royally and patiently the arrival of his Divine Mother and Father AFRIKAMAWU.

5. Besides the Celestial Throne of Father Sky, is found the Golden Divine Throne of Mother Earth, AFRIKANYI on which she sits with the Elegance, Peace, Harmony and Happiness which she royally projects to all her millions of sacred Children who accompany her to the meeting singing joyous melodies in praise of the Eternal Beauty of their Mother Earth.

6. So, from all angles radiates the Oneness of all lives between Mother Earth and all her Earthly Sacred Children mortals call Herb, Plant, Forest, Mountain, Plain, Stone, River, Ocean, Fish, Fire, Lake, Water-fall, Animal and Soil and others whose Spirits walk side by side and eat at the same table and live in Total Harmony and Reverence with their Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

7. Added to them, we have, surrounded by her one thousand Virgin Queens of the Universe, MAMAAFRIKA herself, sitting comfortably and queenly as the Human Representative of AFRIKAMAWU in the entire Universe in Continental Afrika.

8. While Father Sky represents AFRIKAMAWU in the Celestial world, Mother Earth wears the Crown as the Divine Representative of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth.

9. To the Universal Continental Afrikan World Creator, AFRIKAMAWU, goes the Universal Continental Afrikan Mantle of Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Authority, Energy, Spirit and Power to oversee the perfect functioning of each part of the Holy Universe she is the sole Creator, Governor and Sustainer of.

10. As the Limitless Centre Power of all the various aspects of Divine Universal Power there is, AFRIKAMAWU multiplies herself as Father Sky on the First Day of Creation, them as Mother Earth on the second Day of Creation and as MAMAAFRIKA on the Third Day of Creation together with all their various Visible and Invisible Planes of Existence and Beings that constitute the entire Visible and Invisible Universe as Divine Manifestation of the Universal Continental Afrikan Power, Spirit and Energy found in all Creation.

11. By bringing all together for a talk, AFRIKAMAWU is expected to communicate to all Leaders of all her Creation, deep and important information that their daily Divine and Spirit Attunement is yet to reveal to them and which only the Whole and not the parts can disclose to them.

12. In her capacity as the World's first Continental Afrikan Divine Oracle or Conscience of the Universal Divine Continental Afrikan Power, Spirit and Energy within all Creation, AFRIKAMAWU, knows it is her right, duty, and responsibility to call and warn her entire Creation about any imminent danger, curse or poison, and so on that seeks to threaten the Oneness, the Perfection and Harmony of their established Sacred and Holy Heaven on Earth in Sacred Continental Afrika.

13. Through Positive Mutual Mind Reading and Spirit Communication and Telephoning, everybody is aware of the imminent rebellion of ENYEKO and all her daily promise of a better Heaven and a Better Tomorrow of perfect freedom to all her sisters who will break and follow her to her new-found “new” world outside Continental Afrika.

14. And yet, AFRIKAMAWU calls this holy meeting to remind her Celestial, Earthly and Human Children of their options in life as a way of shielding them against the false glamour, illusion and the mirage that ENYEKO represents and promises them.

15. To all the Mighty Sea of Divine Beings of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU, the Mighty Divine Voice of the Oracle of AFRIKAMAWU declares with the Power of Thunder and the Authority of the Universal Love as follows:

16. "Listen to me, my Sacred Divine Children of the Universe. LET NO ONE NOW OR TOMORROW DECEIVE YOU.

17. For countless millions of seasons, you DECIDE AND CHOOSE FREELY ON YOUR OWN TO live in Peace and Harmony in tune to me within you for your Heaven on Earth, free from all forms of negativity, sin, crime, suffering and death as Holy, Perfect, Positive, Divine and Spirit Human Beings on Earth.

18. On your own accord, you all decide to prefer Positivity to negativity, Light to darkness, Heaven to hell, Perfection to imperfection.

19. And for countless millions of seasons as Spirits and later as physical Beings, you all reap the blessings of your Positively wise, mature and intelligent decisions and choices from the options revealed to you.

20. Now, for the first time in countless millions of seasons, there appears ENYEKO and her countless invisible negative forces falsely promising you Heaven in the sky outside your present Continental Afrikan Paradise and urging you to break away from your present Continental Afrikan Heaven they call hell.

21. My Holy and Sacred Children, don't be fooled.
22. Let no one deceive you.
23. There is no Heaven outside you and your Holy Continental Afrikan Land and Riches.

24. The only Heaven there is on Earth is your Sacred Continental Afrika.

25. Anything and every thing outside Continental Afrika is darkness, hell, desolation, counterfeit, barrenness, harshness, wickedness, sin, crime and loss.

26. Don't go to hell.
27. Stay here in Heaven.
28. Don't let anybody lure you away from yourselves to doom.

29. Resist the temptations of preferring the chaff to the Grain.

30. You deserve better in life than throwing yourselves as sacrifice into the eternally open jaw of greed, selfishness, corruption and survival of the fittest philosophy.

31. It is poison.
32. It is dangerous.
33. It is hell.
34. To go is to lose your Heaven.
35. To stay in tune to me your Creator AFRIKAMAWU is to stay forever in Heaven on Earth.

36. In the Holy Name of your Universal Continental Afrikan Creator AFRIKAMAWU backed by the warnings of your Holy Father Sky, your Sacred Mother Earth and your Virgin Mother Continental AFRIKA, I urge you to choose well, choose positively and choose wisely. (Applause)

37. Let it be known that, I your Creator AFRIKAMAWU have created you free with the power of choice to be, do and achieve whatever you stay in tune to.

38. We are not forcing anybody to stay here or leave Continental Afrika.

39. We are not saying you will be punished by any of us whether you decide to follow the Positive or negative paths of your choosing.

40. But only remember, whatever Road, Positive or negative you decide to stay on or follow, you alone will be held accountable and responsible for your Positive or negative words, thoughts, deeds, results or consequences.

41. So choose wisely.” concludes AFRIKAMAWU.
42. "Besides", adds Father Sky," where do you think I will be today without my right and positive choice of staying in tune to my Spirit and Divine Source of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU no matter the cost?

43. Through my constant Positive Self Attunement to my Holy Source of our Creator AFRIKAMAWU within me, I have all the Divine Powers I need and want to live forever suspended in the Air without falling on Mother Earth.

44. My daily Divine Attunement is the Limitless Power of Faith, Belief and Trust I have in the commitment of my Creator AFRIKAMAWU to keep me and all my ninety-nine celestial Worlds and Beings forever safe, protected, holy, perfect, divine, positive, sinless, crime-free, ageless, problem-free and death-free as long as my sacred Celestial World and Children and I remain constantly in tune to our Spirit and Divine Source.

45. So, my Human and non-Human children, continue to learn from us for your own benefit.

46. Any break from your Divine Source means death in hell". (They all clapped for him.)

47. "In the same way, my Sacred and Precious Children", continues Mother Continental Afrika," always remember you are ninety percent Spirit and only ten percent Flesh or material.

48. Hence, as long as everything you do, say or think is Spirit-based, Spirit-oriented and Spirit-directed, you will have nothing to fear from any past, present and future darkness of rebellions or temptations to dig your own graves in the name of sacrificing your present Paradise for an unknown and illusionary Heaven outside your Blessed Continental Afrika.

49. The Kingdom of AFRIKAMAWU you are being deceived to look for outside yourselves in Holy Continental Afrika is within you and never outside you.

50. That is why, I just know, none of you will follow ENYEKO to her doom presented to you as freedom in Paradise.

51. She is one of us with the Inner Power to procreate or multiply herself in any number she wants in whatever Life Forms or shapes she chooses and in whatever colour she wants them.

52. But follow her not.
53. You deserve better in life than chronically survive in the new-found hell of ENYEKO." (Applause)

54. AFRIKASO, the most Elderly Daughter of Mother Continental Afrika, on behalf of her One thousand sisters, stands up to add her Voice to the Advice and Warning as follows:

55. “To and in the name of our Most Holy, Most Perfect and Most Eternal Creator of all Creators, Mother of all Mothers, and Father of all Fathers and on behalf of my Most Holy and Perfect Sisters here assembled, I salute you for your Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Power, Spirit and Energy of which we are part and parcel of.

56. As your Sacred Children created in your Perfect and Holy Continental Afrikan Image and Likeness, to shine as the Eternal Divine Continental Afrikan Light that we are, we consider our Spirit-based-and-Oriented Way of Life in Total Freedom, Perfection and Holiness as our natural Continental Afrikan Way of Life.

57. Just as it is the nature of Light to be Light in order to produce and shine forever as Light for Light to exist as Light for life, in the same way, it is the nature of perfectly created Creation of AFRIKAMAWU that we are to be Perfection in order to produce Perfection for Perfection to be Perfection within all Creation for life.

58. We do not believe we are in hell in Continental Afrika just because we consciously choose on our own accord to be in Heaven instead of hell as our sister ENYEKO is suggesting under negative influences.

59. My Holy Continental Afrikan Sisters and I do not think we are suffering in the world's first Divine Continental Afrikan Garden because we prefer Positivity to negativity or Heaven to hell or Holiness to sinfulness.

60. To choose to be Holy, Perfect, Rich, Happy and Fulfilled in Life is Freedom and not enslavement.

61. We are as free as the Air to choose to be or not to be, to have or not to have and to do or not to do.

62. Is that boredom or lack of freedom?
63. Our sister, ENYEKO, is free to be who and what she chooses to be and we are also free to be who and what we want to be. Where is the problem?" (A big applause from the rest of her Sisters greets her.)

64. “I laugh, my Sister AFRIKASO, I laugh", ENYEKO cuts in and adds laughingly. “Listen to me my lost and enslaved sisters.

65. There is no creator outside you to pray to or beg for solutions to your problems in life.

66. You are your own Creator and the Master of your own life.

67. Your life is what you make it.
68. Stop owing allegiance to any supernatural being.

69. Owe allegiance to no one except yourself.” (She looks round in a condescending way at AFRIKAMAWU, AFRIKADZI, AFRIKANYI and AFRIKANOR and all her Sisters one by one as if to tell them to go to hell and adds)

70. "You are all hypocrites, ignorant fools, deceiving yourselves with things you cannot see or prove.

71. Stay and die rotten in your ignorance.
72. I have seen the light of freedom outside here and you that none of you can see or have.

73. I am tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

74. Just as it is your right to choose to stay here in your hell you call heaven, it is also my right to choose to be different from you in my New World of Heaven you too call hell.

75. Down with your Divinity.
76. Down with your Spirity.
77. Down with your Holiness, Perfection or Positivity.

78. Farewell to you.
79. I am leaving you to the promised land outside the control and exploitation of you all.

80. To all of you who have seen the light that I have seen, step aside and let's have these dead buried in their cemetery of holiness.

81. To you all here in favour of change, progress, development, modernization and prosperity in the new kingdom of Materialism, Rationality and Logicality with money as the supreme universal Deity King, and Master Ruler of the universe, come, come, come with me for the change you deserve"(As she says those words one by one, she implores her sisters with her eyes to follow her. But to her surprise, nobody breaks away to join her. Disappointed, she begins to move away slowly until she disappears into the dark while her Sisters and the rest of Creation bid her bye-bye with clapping, jubilation, singing, dancing, tears and drumming of their victory over negativity. At the end of the jubilation, the Thunder Voice of the Oracle predicts the followings)

82. "My Holy Continental Afrikan Children, I am proud of you for staying vigilant, vigilant, and always be vigilant against any naked Person who comes offering you his/her cloth or a Perpetual hell dweller promising you heaven outside you.

83. But REMEMBER AND NEVER, NEVER MUST YOU EVER FORGET THAT ENYEKO and her children and children's children will be coming back to you in the name of false civilization, false religion, false education, false development, false investment, false aids, false cooperation, false interdependence, false progress and poisoned gifts meant to rob you of your Continental Afrikan Paradise and your Wealth which their outside hell world will forever envy you for and will leave no stone unturned to perpetually keep you divided, dependent, powerless, needy and ignorant, so as to ensure your perpetual conquest, domination, control, exploitation and looting of your natural Treasures and Dignity.

84. As the World's first Light of the Universe in Continental Afrika, do not socialize with the Darkness of the outer World.

85. To open the Holy Continental Afrikan Gate of your Holy inner Kingdom to any negative outside or inside forces is death.

86. Light and darkness cannot dine together let alone sleep in the same bed.

87. Never allow your Fire of Perfection and Divinity be quenched by others who envy you for what you have and represent.

88. Never exchange your Paradise with anything else in the world.

89. Never let any outsider rape or contaminate your Golden Throne of Divinity and Perfection no matter what.

90. To stay together forever as one Continental Afrikan Family is Life in Dignity and Peace.

91. To allow yourselves to be divided, disunited, fragmented, disconnected by ENYEKO Children is to lose your CONTINENTAL AFRIKANESS by becoming their photo-copies or slaves.

92. Remain vigilant.
93. Watch yourselves! Be alert! Be awake! My Sacred Continental Afrikan Children, stay forever in tune Positively and Divinely and above all, know yourself and choose always right to live right forever”.

94. At the end of her advice, all the Children of Father Sky, Mother Earth, and MAMAAFRIKA reassure themselves one after the other and their Divine Parents that all is well and under no circumstances will they allow themselves to be contaminated, soiled, and uprooted from their Positive Divine and Spirit Source as Perfect, Holy and Sacred Creation of AFRIKAMAWU on earth.

95. Amidst singing, dancing and drumming they all disappear one after the other, starting with the Creator AFRIKAMAWU and her army of Continental Afrikan Saints.

96. Then, followed by Father Sky and his Celestial Beings, Mother Earth with all her Earthly Beings and finally by Virgin MAMAAFRIKA with all her Holy Human Beings.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter, 44, 1-96 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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