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To curb the health problems that arise due to lack of clean water, Unilever has introduced a unique, scientifically proven complete germ kill at water purifier called 'Purit'.

Pureit works with a break-through 'Germ kill Technology' and has an advanced multi-stage purification process which provides water that's completely free from all harmful germs, thus giving 100 per cent protection from all water-borne diseases. It provides high quality water at an affordable price.

Speaking at the launch of Pureit, the Managing Director, Unilever Nigeria Plc , Mr Thabo Mabe said more than one billion people in the world do not have access to Safe Drinking Water. In the developing world, more than 80 per cent of diseases are water related. Almost 2.2 million lives are lost due to diarrheal diseases, with more than four billion disease episodes, globally, every year. It is in this context, United Nations, has established the MDG of halving the number of people without access to Safe Drinking Water, and reducing by two-third the mortality of children under five years, by 2015.

The benefits of drinking clean water daily, scientists say include the improvement of many health conditions such as chronic exhaustion, poor nutrient absorption, impaired toxins removal, poor nutrients circulation, angina, heartburn, hypertension (blood pressure), impaired immune system and many more.

He added, 'other benefits of clean drinking water daily are related to better functioning of the kidneys. Kidneys need water to filter out waste and toxins from the body. A lack of clean water would allow the kidneys to dump their work to the liver and what happens next is that the liver will not perform as well by not metabolizing the fat as it should do and consequently leads to an impaired immune system.'

He noted that Pureit provides water with 'Complete Germ Protection' which ensures freedom against all water-borne diseases like jaundice, diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera etc by removing all harmful viruses and bacteria from your drinking water. It provides water that meets the safety norms of one of the world's most stringent regulatory authorities, i.e. of Environmental Protection Agency (USA), without needing any running water or electricity and at a fraction of the cost of dispenser bottles and boiled water. Pureit is the only in-home water purifier in the world that provides you with assured safe drinking water in the comfort of your home and in affordable and hassle-free manner.

In discussing the unique features of this product that makes it extremely suited for consumers in Nigeria, he said It meets one of the most stringent germ-kill criteria for removal of harmful viruses and bacteria - that of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of USA, it works without electricity, gas and running water – giving you 'Complete Germ Protection' from water-borne diseases – all the time, to ensure safety for your family, it has an 'Auto shut off' mechanism, which switches off the water flow automatically when its germ-kill power needs replacement, it can be filled with the regular tap water/borehole water in the convenience of your home.

Addressing the current water challenges in the country through innovative technologies, the Director General of Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency, Abuja, represented by Olufemi Bejide, the Assistant Director said the contribution of Unilever through the introduction of Pureit would no doubt impact positively in the lives of the citizenry of this great nation in terms of making available safe drinking water which in turn has a tremendous multiplier effects from good health, sound mind, able body, better work force, etc.

In discussing the benefits of clean water, Dr Rita Oladele, Infectious diseases specialist, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), said Pureit- tested, proven by both local, national and international bodies, is highly cost efficient, removes even traces of chlorine and can generate high volumes of purified water at a very low cost.