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PDP Allegedly Thumb-printing Ballot Papers in Kogi… As INEC Issues Hotlines

Listen to article sources has uncovered an on-going illegal thumb-printing of Ballot papers at the Government House, Kogi State, just as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is making last minute mending of fences over an alleged mental health situation

 of the party's candidate, Idris Wada.
Saturday's election, according to dependable sources may witness outburst of crises as all political parties involved in the governorship election are spoiling for war with reports of intimidation and inducement eligible voters.

Meanwhile, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), in an effort to build up the public confidence has dedicated some hotlines in its Situation Room to calls and text messages by members of the public who may encounter incidents on the field requiring prompt intervention.

The hotlines are 07098117563, 07098114865, 07098116381, 07098115592, 07098112689, 07098115257, 07098115583 and 07098110916. Dedicated lines for SMS are 08101774434 and 07032492303.

INEC, while calling on members of the public to justly avail themselves of these lines if and when the need arises, assured that the Saturday, December 3, 2011 Kogi State governorship election will be free, fair and credible as the electoral body has put all modalities in place to avoid hitches. can also reveal that Idris Wada, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, contesting Saturday's governorship election in Kogi state has been accused of having questionable mental integrity, can report.

The secret was unravelled by the Kogi Youth Liberation Movement in Kogi State, which queries why a person with questionable mental integrity is allowed to stand for the governorship election, despite the possibility of violating Section 182 (2) a & b of the 1999 Constitution.

Meanwhile, detailed medical records on the mental history of PDP's candidate, Idris Wada listed schizophrenia, auditory hallucinations and paranoid's delusion as some of the conditions the governorship candidate was diagnosed for over three decades ago.

Documents made public by the youth group has also confirmed that Idris Wada was treated for these mental conditions in University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan. The favoured PDP governorship candidate had allegedly signed some of the pages containing writings, which he referred to one Dr. Akindele and his desire to leave the treatment facility without 'fanfare'.

The development, according to findings have caused much worry in Kogi state, as most PDP stakeholders have continued to express fears over what could become of the state, should Wada win as governor.

A PDP stalwart from Kogi West Senatorial District who preferred anonymity said, 'The manner in which Wada, then 25 years old discharged himself against medical advice puts a lie to the series of attempts now been made to convince the people of Kogi state that the man seeking to rule them has now been fully healed of the affliction that left him loitering the premises of a hotel in the wee hours of the morning.'

The source further said the unintelligible scribbles which the medical report attributed to Wada showed the severity of the conditions which the PDP candidate suffered from in 1976. 'I shiver anytime I think of the prospect of similar scribbles being made on the official letter head paper of Kogi State under the seal of the governor. You know this thing that the Yoruba speaking people of Kogi state say that no one can completely cure insanity. There is no way that it will not affect the quality of decisions and policies that this man will make if the people make the mistake of electing him as governor.

'A man who thought people around him are wild animals or that his friends were out to get him…he could just snap under the pressure that comes with the job of being a governor. That could put Kogi state on the path to a constitutional crisis.'

Another party member expressed grave fear, saying, 'You can see that when the issue of Idris (Wada)'s mental history become public knowledge, the practical thing they did was to say that he is now well. It was simply not possible to dispute those medical records. Even some (people) within his camp are worried about the prospect of having a boss who could flip any day.'