Style plus back with Ready To Go

Style plus
Style plus

THEY need no introduction as some of their tracks still blow the minds of good music lovers; remember Olufunmi, the track that became an item of sort and established them as big players in the Nigerian music scene, well, feelers coming from the trio of Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsammi and Zeal Onyecheme who make up the group, StylePlus, is that Nigerians are about to witness the awakening of abundantly talented group.

With successes registered with their hit album, Olufunmi, Back and better, the group which kind of slowed down on their game have realized the need for them to service their large fan base with another album due to high demand. Speaking to Trend'tainment recently ,StylePlus disclosed that so many factors was responsible for the poor outing of their last work , something which they have discovered and corrected with their latest work which is titled Ready To Go. And as the title implies, they are eager to race back to the top like they did with their first album Olufunmi and concludes that its one album that Nigerians will forever remember them for. As regards the number of tracks in the new work, they prefer to keep the public guessing as its one strategy that they believe will make the album something to die for they said.

The album was produced by renowned music producer Sunky Donalds and in conjunction with Pace Entertainment is presently enjoying airplay in most radio stations across the country. Styleplus concluded that a huge listening party is expected to be held in Lagos before the end of the year to reaffirm the belief of their fans that they are the tag team to beat in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

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