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1. About three million seasons ago, children of MAMAAFRIKA as Spirit Beings, decide to assume Total human Form, Shape, Physique and traits as the world's first Visible of the Invisible Beings on Earth.

2. From the World's first Spirit and Invisible World of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU in which they live for countless seasons, they enter with pomp and pride into the material and physical planes of existence as the world's first Conscious Human Beings with the Mission and Challenge to make the physical world suitable for human life and comforts.

3. For one thing, they all know their former Spirit World is different from their present physical world even though they are all of the same Energy, Spirit and Power of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU expressed in different ways, forms or shapes as one Divine Tree with different Branches or as a Holy Body with different Parts.

4. Flying in total freedom in the Invisible World Air as Spirits with no physical or material needs and wants to fulfill is not the same as living on earth as physically limited Human Beings with urgent and imperative human needs to attend to every second of their lives.

5. Physical problems upon problems and crisis upon crisis that are totally unknown or un-heard of in their Timeless, Ageless and Eternal Spirit World are now their daily headache to find cure for.

6. By knowing Earthly problems exist to be solved by Human Beings and that there is no problem without its solution, Children of MAMAAFRIKA as the world's first Human Beings learn and teach Humanity's first lesson that, So Above, So Below and that no matter where they are, they are always free to choose to live or survive, flow or struggle, enjoy life in Heaven or suffer in hell and have all their needs and wants thousand fold met or lack everything in life in the midst of so much limitless Abundance of AFRIKAMAWU.

7. So, whether they live in the Invisible Spirit World as Spirits or on Earth as Human Beings or not, Holy children of AFRIKANOR know heaven or hell is no monopoly of any part of the Universe and that what mortals call Above is the same Spirit, Power and Energy the Spirits call Below.

8. For, there is no Above without Below and there is no Below without the Above to provide the support needed for the existence of one another.

9. Hence, anywhere in the Universe in Continental AFRIKA, sacred children of AFRIKAMAWU know they have the Power to choose to live in Heaven or hell by constantly living in tune to the Heaven or hell within them.

10. So, to them, it is nothing wrong to be human, as long as they stay tuned to AFRIKAMAWU as the Source of all their Supplies on Earth.

11. Being human is not synonymous with powerlessness or sin or crime or loss or hell or evil.

12. Being human simply means, the Spirit manifesting herself into Flesh and the Invisible becoming the Visible to carry out her own chosen Flesh Assignment or Mission on Earth that can only be accomplished by the Flesh in Spiritual Manifestation.

13. This way, as the World's first Human Beings on Earth, Children of AFRIKAMAWU know they are basically Spirits made Flesh for a Divine Purpose on Earth.

14. What the Spirit can do in Spirit, the Flesh can do in Spirit, that is, by constantly living in tune to their Divine Source of AFRIKAMAWU as Spirit or Flesh.

15. Just as the Spirit on Earth needs the Body/Flesh/ Home to be a Spirit here below, in the same way, the Flesh/Body/ Home is nothing without the Spirit to animate and honor her as the sacred and holy Temple of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU on Earth in Holy Continental AFRIKA.

16. In other words, whether you live as a Spirit or Flesh, as long as you live in tune to your Source AFRIKAMAWU, you are bound to be totally and permanently Perfect, Holy, Loving, Sacred, Revered, Sanctified, Happy, Honest, Sincere, Just, Crime free, Problem free, Lack free, Poverty free, Sickness free and Totally Balanced and at Peace with yourself and others.

17. That is why, to the Visible of the Invisible children of AFRIKAMAWU, the secret Key to being in Heaven or hell here or there is to learn to be constantly in tune to the Heaven or hell, Good or bad, Riches or poverty, Happiness or sorrow and so on within all Creation in physical and non physical world in the Sacred Garden of Continental AFRIKA.

18. As AFRIKAMAWU created Divine Spirits manifested into the world's first Human Beings, Children of MAMAAFRIKA know every physical Being is also a spiritual Being and visa-versa.

19. For, everything visible that exists in the world, only up to ten percent (10 %) of it can be seen by the naked eyes while its remaining ninety percent (90 %) is reserved for those with Spiritual Eyes to see and use for their benefits and those of other forms of Creation.

20. That is why, the Physical Mind of children of MAMAAFRIKA can only know and comprehend up to ten percent (10 %) of what their Spiritual Mind is able to know and teach them.

21. Their Physical Ears can only hear and enjoy not more than ten percent (10 %) of what their Spiritual Ears can hear and teach them. Brief, the physical senses upon which limited mortals rely for everything they know, have or enjoy in life can only offer today's human beings up to only ten percent (10 %) of what they need and want and of which the Spiritual Senses of the Positively in tuned Flesh in the Spirit can offer them.

22. So, to the children of AFRIKAMAWU in the Holy Garden of Mother Continental AFRIKA, living in tune to their Spirity and Divinity means, constantly possessing and enjoying the full use, benefits and control of both their Spiritual and Physical Senses in AFRIKAMAWU.

23. It means, they are constantly balancing and complementing what their limited human senses in the Flesh can offer them with the limitless Resources and Power their Spiritual Senses are ready to confer upon them as long as they stay Positively tuned to them for their own benefits and those of others here and above.

24. In other words, before Children of Mother Continental AFRIKA, on their own accord decide and choose to exchange their World's first Spirit Universe in Holy Continental AFRIKA with their World's first Visible and Physical Continental Afrikan Land and World, they exist as Spirit Beings for countless seasons with the freedom to choose to live in tune or out of tune to their Divine Source AFRIKAMAWU within each one of them.

25. This means, the Stone, the Tree, the Forest, the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the Stars, the Food, the Body, the Home, the Car, the Television and so on we see with our naked Eyes today exist First as Spirits in the Divine Mind of their Creator AFRIKAMAWU for countless seasons and Long, Long Ago before their Individual Spirit or Life Form decides in Spirit to be Born on Earth in any Life Form or Shape she chooses.

26. This explains why, to children of Mother Continental AFRIKA, every part of Creation is alive with the Power, Spirit and Energy of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU.

27. Hence, everything invisible and visible created by the Creator AFRIKAMAWU is therefore considered Holy, Sacred and a Perfect Manifestation of the Great Universal Creator: AFRIKAMAWU.

28. By living perpetually in tune not only to the Divine Source of AFRIKAMAWU within them but also to the Divine Source of all the Animal, Plant, Mineral, Human and Spiritual Worlds and Beings, every divinely attuned Creation in the Sacred Garden of AFRIKAMAWU in Continental AFRIKA is able to hear, see, talk, understand and communicate directly with other forms of Creation and their Creator AFRIKAMAWU here and after.

29. By deciding as Spirits to leave their AFRIKAMAWU-Created Spiritual World, Beings, Freedom and Limitless Wealth for a physical Continental Afrikan Abode, and Beings with limited needs and wants to fulfill come what may, Children of the Sun as the world's first Human Beings teach themselves and the rest of Humanity that ALL IS ONE AND ONE IS ALL.

30. And as such, whether they live here or there, Above or Below, what matters is not what forms of Life they assume or where they live but how they live in tune or out of tune to what they need and want in life be it Positive or negative, Beneficial or harmful, Important or trivial to the accomplishment of their over-all Divine Mission on Earth.

31. As Spirits, they are free to choose to be born in any way, form, shape or size they decide in their Spirit World.

32. As Spirits, the children of MAMAAFRIKA decide before they are physically born on Earth by Humanity's first Virgin Mother AFRIKANOR, what Form of Life they are going to assume, what Divine Mission they are coming to accomplish on Earth, what kind of Earthly parents, brothers, sisters, friends and even foes and the Environment they need, want, choose and prefer to have for a better and easy accomplishment of their Divine/Spiritual Mission on Earth.

33. Being born on Earth from the Invisible Spiritual World is therefore a Spiritually and Consciously planned Agenda each Life as a Divine Spirit chooses and carefully executes on Earth as Spirit and in tune to the Spirit of AFRIKAMAWU within all Creation, big or small.

34. Being born on Earth is therefore like the Spirit traveling from One Stage of Existence to another Plane of Life.

35. Being born as human on Earth is therefore like the Spirit deciding to exchange her Invisibility with the Visibility in Physicality.

36. Being born as Human on Earth is, therefore, no accident or mistake.

37. It is like leaving your home to the Market to get certain things done and after which you are bound to return to your original Source or Home whether you get what you want or need from the Market or not.

38. That is why, to the Children of AFRIKAMAWU in the Holy Garden of Mother Continental AFRIKA, since all lives here are born on Earth as Spirits and will all depart back to their original Home and Source as Spirits, it stands to reason that, the more they live on Earth as Spirits in the Human Flesh/Form/Shape or Home, the better equipped they will divinely be to know all the times and spiritually when, how and why they are born as Human on Earth.

39. This perpetual flow of Divine Information from their Divine Source AFRIKAMAWU within all Creation to all whose Divine/Spiritual Ears that are alive, healthy and kept open, means, living constantly in tune to their Divinity, Spirity and Mission that makes them to flow effortlessly from One Victory of Life to another no matter the odds or obstacles.

40. Living in Spirit in the Human Flesh also means, to Children of AFRIKAMAWU, being perpetually in charge of their lives as Centres, Players, Actors and Creators of their worlds, lives and all that they need and want in life.

41. Far from suffering or enduring what they do not need or want in their lives as heirs to all that the Creator AFRIKAMAWU has in limitless Store and Abundance for all her conscious and receptive children, Children of Mother Continental AFRIKA, for three million seasons, know and practise the truth that they have all the Divine Power and Right to accept and enjoy all that Mother Universe has in limitless store for them and to reject and be free from what they do not need or want to trouble them in life.

42. This mean, to them, no Supernatural or Supreme Being, Power, Spirit or Energy here or above, gives or withholds or forces anything good or bad on any form of life.

43. All human and non-human Beings are endowed with sufficient Inner Divine Power, Energy and Spirit to make or unmake themselves the way they choose consciously or unconsciously.

44. Hence, to Sacred Children of AFRIKAMAWU, for the first in the holy Garden of Mother Continental Afrika, living as Spirits in the human Forms is all the Secret they need to know to be above whatever lack, limitations, problems, needs, wants and crisis their physical Forms and Beings present them with.

45. This means, constantly thinking of new ways of looking at their Earthly experience, constantly creating, discovering and inventing Positively new and better tools, new and better ways of life, new and better ways of doing things and of living for better and better world and ways of life to enjoy by all children of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU on Earth and hereafter.

46. As long as they constantly know and remind themselves of the Ancient Continental Afrikan Truth that: For Every Darkness there is Light, For Every Problem there is the Solution, For Every Visible there is the Invisible, For Every suffering there is Relief, For Every hell there is Heaven, and so on, they know whether they live as Spirits in the Invisible or Spirit World or as Flesh on Earth or whether they take any other Life Forms, the essential in life is to constantly learn to CHOOSE the Positive that supports, strengthens, enriches, develops, modernizes and makes them permanently happy and fulfilled and to avoid at all cost all the negativity that draws them away farther and farther apart from their Divine Source, Power, Energy and Spirit without whom all Life becomes meaningless and ceaseless struggle, surviving and perpetual chasing of one thing or the other without even the Time or the Peace of Mind to enjoy the very material things and possessions mortals have become slaves and addicted to.

47. In this way, being the world's first human beings is not a curse but a blessing to know, experience and enjoy their New World, New Ways of Life and Being.

48. For, to Children of MAMAAFRIKA the Earth is the holy Abode of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU in the same way as any other parts of the Universe is.

49. Since the Creator AFRIKAMAWU dwells in and outside all of her Creation here and above, it means, Everywhere AFRIKAMAWU is, there you will find and live in Heaven with the Creator AFRIKAMAWU within and outside you.

50. Far from rejecting or referring to this Holy and Virgin World of Mother Earth as "sinful", "hell", "difficult" or "impossible" to live in, as Perfect and Holy Virgin Human Beings in Spirit, Positively Attuned Children of the Sun accept, love, respect, revere, care, nurse, nurture, protect and always keep holy, perfect, peaceful, harmonious and balanced the entire Universe they see themselves as part and parcel of in Holy Continental AFRIKA.

51. As part of the Whole, anything they do to one another automatically affects others.

52. The headache of one becomes, thus, the headache of all and the happiness of one is also automatically the happiness of all. Whatever you do for or against any Form of Life or Creation comes back to you in thousand fold as your rewards or punishment here and after.

Source : Extract from the world's First AFRIKAHOLYBIBLE, Chapter 11, 1-52 which you can purchase online for the Whole AfrikaMiracle Story of How Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans Performed the World's First Unthinkable and Unheard of MIRACLES upon Miracles when they lived in Tune to the Limitless Power of their Mind, Spirit, Ancestral and Divine Power of AFRIKAMAWU within them . Email us for more details :

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