Top actress cum movie producer Funke Akindele is rated among the very professional actresses that Nollywood has ever produced.This is because she is always thorough in her role interpretation and gives everything it demands to do a nice job.

The superstar actress has risen, in such short time, from just one of the numerous actresses around, to become 'the' actress – thanks to her movie Jenifa, which catapulted her from obscurity into mainstream prominence.

In a recent interview,Dr Adebanjo,Funke Akindele's mother opens up about the star actress.

Excerpts from the interview;

How does it feel being Funke Akindele's mother?

It feels great.I am proud to be her mother and I am greatful to God about it.I will continue to praise my God,worshipping Him for all He had done for me and my family.I will forever be thankful to Him.

Anytime you watch her on the screen,how do you feel?

I feel proud anytime I see my daughter on the screen acting.That's my glory and my joy.

When she started out,did you ever think she would come this far?

I knew because the Lord I serve is a great one and there is nothing above Him.I know my God is able and He is capable of doing everything.I never doubted His capabilities.So,I was sure He would take my daughter far and He is already doing it.

But Funke was sent to university of study Law,now she is an actress,what is your reaction to that?

Right from the outset,I knew Funke was capable of doing so many things because she is in Christ.Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ.So,I don't have to doubt her.

What is your reaction to her success so far?

I feel happy and I am proud of her and I pray God will continue to be with her,perfect all her ways.

What level do you expect her to be in five years?

Time and season belong to God,everything is in His hands.All I know is that I am serving a living God,the God of life,the God of greatness and the God of success.No doubt in His work,Halleluyah to the name of the Lord.