Ex-Militants not ejected from South African Hotel -Ekiyor

Source: pointblanknews.com

Former President of Ijaw Youth Council(IYC),Dr.Chris Ekiyor has refuted allegation in some quarters  that 18 Ex-Militants undergoing Post amnesty  training in South Africa  were thrown out of their hotel for lack offunds.

According to Ekiyor, the Amnestyoffice headed by Kingsley kuku has always met the needs of  ex-militants under any of its training programmes both within and outside the country.Hence, it is not possible that Ex-militants in far-away South Africa will bestarved of funds.

Stating further, Ekiyor  condemned what he termed the  resort of the Ex-militants to blackmail the ongoing effort of Government at training ex-militants for onward assimilation into the society.

“ It is pure blackmail, nobodyejected the 18 Ex-militants from the hotel they were lodged. They checked out of the hotel in protest for a five star accommodation which contradicts everysense of a academic pursuit,” Ekiyor stated.

Stating further, Ekiyor emphasized that the ex-militants should be grateful to government instead of resorting to cheapblackmail.

According to him, there are many university graduates from the Niger Delta region who are roaming University roaming the streets in search of jobs.

“ There are many University graduatesfrom the Niger Delta who have good grades and are roaming the streets. Insteadof the Ex-militants to be grateful to government for such a rare opportunitythey are trying to blackmail it,” Ekiyor noted.

However, Ekiyor who said he is intouch with the Amnesty office disclosed that kuku has vowed to get to the root of the matter and ensure it is notswept under the carpet.

 Ekiyor also disclosed that someofficials of the amnesty office are already in South Africa to unravel thecause of the matter.