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Experts have begun to predict that in the next five years, computers will fizzle out and be replaced by the latest technology, the Ipad. Although this prediction has been generating a kind of controversy in the digital world but 75 percent of people agree that the prediction may actually come to pass especially when the late Steve Jobs had evolusionised gadgets.

Some school of thoughts listed 10 reasons, they believe computers may fizzle out .These reasons range from low power consumption, tablets not vulnerable to viruses, much easy and smarter to carry round, cost effective because there may never be need for an extra battery and software for it unlike the laptop.

One of these experts, Mr. Jack Wallen  explained that online connection is easier, 'Pay the extra fee and get your tablet with a 4G connection, and you won't have to worry about finding a Wi-Fi connection to access whatever cloud or service you need. Most models can be purchased with a constant network connection (to the tune of 3G or 4G), which makes the tablet a step ahead of most laptops'.

He noted that its faster to integrate socially on Ipad rather than using a browser, 'Tablets are not only here to stay, it will only be a matter of time before they have fully and finally usurped the laptop as the go-to hardware for the mobile business user.

Others noted that Bluetooth connectivity, user friendliness, efficiency and availability of applications are better experienced on tablets.

Microsoft has also revealed that in the next five to 10 years, business people will not need to carry a laptop around them to get their work done.

The software company noted that smart devices in connected rooms will change the settings according to the person using them.

'Powerful computers will be embedded in the world around us. These will be imbued with software based intelligence to respond to the user's needs'.

However, a few had argued that iPad does have limited storage so using it as a computer may present issues for storing photographs  except s to use cloud storage solutions, saying, 'The touch interface and on-screen keyboard  would take most people  a bit to get used to these technologies. Some would also need some kind of physical keyboard in order to adopt the touch screen'.