I Can’t Take Nude Roles----Opeyemi Babatunde

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Pretty Opeyemi Babatunde is a budding actress in Nollywood. Having featured in a good number of movies in the industry, the down-to-earth actress,in this interview told http://nollywoodgists.com, why she does not like acting seductive roles.

Q: Your emergence in the movie industry came suddenly and you seem to be making wAVES. What's the secret?
A: I like to be on the quiet side. Of course, I am grateful to God for making me achieve my dream of gradually becoming a celebrated actress. But it is not yet time for me to blow my trumpet. As a matter of fact, my trumpet would blow itself when the time comes. I believe this is just the beginning and with time I shall get to my destination.
However, I still need to thank God that he has been on my side, especially when you want to compare me with my contemporaries.

Q: Your contemporaries like?
A: I'm sorry, I can't actually mention names but it is obvious God has been doing wonders.

Q: So, who encouraged you to join Nollywood?
A: I joined Nollywood through aunty Taiwo Akinwande, a.k.a Yetunde Wunmi. I passed through her tutelage before moving ahead to gain more experience with popular actors like Baba Suwe, Kehinde Adeyemi, Funke Akindele, Mercy Aigbe, Yomi Fabiyi, Abbey Lanre, Yinka Quadri and other known actors in the Yoruba sector.
But, I must confess, Yetunde Wunmi and Kehinde Adeyemi have played important roles in my career. Others like Funke Akindele and Mercy Aigbe, have only encouraged me to work hard.

Q: What is your major reason and goal for being in Nollywood?
A: It may sound incredible, but the fact remains that Nollywood has never had any actress like me. It is true that Nollywood has been existing for many years but my contribution is going to be very immense. I joined Nollywood because I know that it will go a long way with some of my visions. I don't wish to make the visions known for now, but with time, you all will witness what I intend to do when I embark on them. But, there's a point I want to prove for now and it is the bad impression that actresses are either 'prostitutes' or that they don't have successful marriages. It is wrong and a slap on womanhood. I'll go to any length to prove that it's a wrong impression.

Q: Have you ever been called a 'bitch' in Nollywood?
A: No, and I pray it doesn't happen because I don't even want to be known as such. It's sheer wickedness and lack of respect that will make anyone want to call me a bitch. Not even me alone, any other actress. I mean my seniors, contemporaries and those coming behind us.

Q: But what name do you want people to call you when you are caught sleeping around?
A: Don't even make such a mistake because it won't happen. I was brought up by disciplinarian parents, who taught us the way of God. Actresses are teachers; they mirror the society, and calling them prostitutes is not the best way to celebrate them. I can never be caught sleeping around.

Q: How many boyfriends do you have?
A: I have a good number of reliable and understanding male friends, but just one lover. We understand each other a lot, and he is encouraging me to be a good actress also.

Q: But are you aware that as a lady in the movie industry, you have to sleep with a few people that call the shots?
A: That's another wrong notion. It is unprofessional. If you have heard stories that some people did so to make a headway, you'd better have a rethink because not all the stories are true. I know that I'm not depending on anybody to be successful as an actress.

Q: How many movies have you featured in?
A: I can't easily mention any number now because some of the flicks I featured in have not yet been released.

Q: And can you swear that you merited all the roles that you have acted?
A: To the glory of God, I was called for the jobs. No sacrifice was made for any of them.

Q: What role do you have to play most times?
A: As an actress, I can easily interpret any role. But talk about seductive roles and romance scenes, I don't like being a party to them.

Q: Why?
A: Because most Nigerians don't understand that it's all make believe. I want the kind of roles that I will be able to watch with my children yet unborn and hubby, when the time comes.