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The so-called "casting couch" is something that everyone at least vaguely knows about, especially if they have an interest in breaking into Nollywood. It's general knowledge that there are some people in high positions in these industries who are not afraid to demand sexual favors from people seeking to move up the ladder of success.

It has become very rampant in recent time that lots of fast rising actresses opt for s*x to get roles.

It has got so bad that movie makers felt they had no choice but to accept the offer from these desperately stardom-seeking actresses.

These set of actresses are ready to do anything to get roles. It does not matter whether they are good or not, they just want roles. They will do anything, go to any length to be stars at all costs and stop at nothing.

Although in most cases, it may not be the fault of this girls. Some of these directors know that but for directing they would not have met some class of girls, so you begin to see such manifestations from them.

When will the ignoble practice end in Nollywood?

When will up-coming actresses realize that to get to the top, you need to be patient and bid your time and not throw yourself cheaply at directors to get roles?

When will movie makers realize that dishing out roles on the basis of sexual favours is like mortgaging your career for sexual favours.

Have you ever confronted sexual harassment? Tell us how. Share your experience and help others like yourself.