What Is The Magic In These Celebrity Dwarfs

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/Nigeriafilms.com

There is one truth I have found out, which is, always look out for advantages in every of your disadvantage. This I can say, the duo of Chinedu Ikedieze, who is known as Aki, and Osita Iheme, popularly called; Pawpaw, have made use of.

With the kind of stature they later found themselves to have while growing up, some would have expected to them to feel dejected and leave under the shadows of pity and mercy, but the reverse is now the case.

Some comedians have even joked that some parents now pray to have children like Aki and Pawpaw. If they were not celebrities, it might have been very difficult for them to get women that would want to marry them, but now, women are attracted to them as ants to sugar.
You ask why? Something is surely speaking.

At every function or event these celebrity dwarfs attend, they always steal the show. Most people at the event want to catch a glimpse of them. They are always mobbed by both journalists, who want to take photographs or interview them, and fans who want to take photo shots with them.

If you think it is only in Nigeria that this happens to them, then, you are wrong. They are more mobbed outside Nigeria than in Nigeria, especially in other African countries. In the UK, Germany and other western countries they have visited, large numbers of people come to see them.

It is always funny how other celebrities don't pull much crowd as they do whenever they are around with their other celebrity colleagues. This leaves Nollywoodgists.com with the question, what is that special thing that makes them a crowd puller that others don't have?