By Alonge Michael
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Mike Adenuga Jr. Glo CEO

One of the nation's giant telecommunication companies, Globacomm owns by the former cab driver, now one of the richest men in Africa, . is seriously ridding in bribery controversial if information at our disposal is anything to be considered. According to the story, some Globacom top shots have been fingered in the crisis the Glo Ambassador Endorsement project is said to be currently swimming in. One Mr. Nkechi Nzordi is said to have been the middleman between the telecommunication outfit and Nollywood as he contracts the Nollywood divas for the multi-million Naira Glo appointment.

A top shot in Globacom, we gathered, has made it mandatory for every appointee who benefit from the N20 million's 2-year endorsement deal to part with a sum of N1m each and this alleged fee, information has it, is sent through Mr. Nzordi, the middleman who had earlier placed them on the condition that they should be settled before being shortlisted for the contract.

The Nollywood actors who participated in the compulsory one million Naira bribery saga include AMAA's Best Supporting Actor award winner. Though, some artistes like Madam Kofo and others were said to be left off the hook from the N1m bribe due to their status and the interest of the Glo chairman, the gold-digger himself, Mike Adenuga.

Meanwhile, actors like are all said to be so embittered with Glo for their exception in the contract as they belong to the A list category of the movie industry called Nollywood in Nigeria. On Genevieve, her manager who was contracted when the deal was about to be broken was said to have forfeited the sexy actress' inclusion in the list as he allegedly said to have been too stiff with the N1m bribe stuff owing to the kind of artiste Genevieve, he presents, he insisted the endorsement money should even be higher than that.

This singular act, we later gathered, infuriated Gene as the movie idol that has just jumped into fashion is called, cost the youthful manager his job as she was said to have sacked him without a blink. “Stella Damasus and Ebube Nwagbo were said to have not responded on time with their contract form hence their removal from the juicy deal which also has D'Banj, Sammy Okposo, Mike Ezunronye, Adaobi etc as beneficiaries.” One of the committee told us.

Preparation for the third batch of the contract, according to inside sources, has begun and some Nollywood personalities who were not part of the first and second deal are said to have started lobbying with money, 'body', spirit and soul to be listed, we were informed.