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Enugu State governor, Mr. Sullivan Chime, has at last broken his silence on the rumour that he had an affair with his wife's younger sister and got her pregnant. He said that nothing like that ever happened. According to the governor, “no girl is nursing a baby for me.”

Chime spoke on this among other things, in a chat with newsmen in Enugu.

There's a rumour that you impregnated your wife's sister. What do you have to say?

Well, you can see I am here; you did not even finish the story; that was not the only thing they wrote. They wrote about the non-existing female Permanent Secretary living behind the Government House. I have tried to find out if there is anybody that fits into that description; no such human being exists. But they have written about it. They wrote how I was beaten up mercilessly. When you hear such stories, you don't even come here to ask me questions; you go and verify.

The young lady they talked about, if you are interested to know, I am sure you will be seeing her around. I can tell you sitting down here that she is one of the most decent human beings I have ever seen. Why they chose to rubbish her, I do not know; if they had written about, maybe, some other people, it will make sense, but not that particular girl. I am not talking about myself; they can write anything about me; after all, you were there when I came to seek your support to be the governor. So, everything is not siren; they can say all sorts of things about me. But the truth is that no such thing happened; nothing resembling it happened; nobody had any baby boy for me. As a matter of fact, the young girl being talked about is getting married this December; she is getting married to an Onitsha man and was actually staying with the young man when they alleged she was in my home in the village nursing a baby boy for me. So, it is all nonsense.

I also learnt that I bought Piccanto cars for all the girls in Enugu; I don't see Piccanto in Enugu; the car is not popular in Enugu; and they have not been able to point at least one such beneficiary; I will like to know them. You stay in Enugu and hear such stories; the first thing you should do is to look around; you look for the Piccantos, know if they exist. Some even said it is Piccanto Jeep. I don't know of any car like that. They are just writing all sorts of nonsense; taking advantage of the Internet to publish nonsense.

It's unfortunately and regrettably that some local magazines have published those articles. My lawyers are at work on those ones we can reach. You can write anything on the Internet. You are on your own. That is the price we pay for occupying such offices; so whenever you see me, try and make me happy because so many things make us unhappy.

What do you have to say about the rape controversy?

This is very strange, in the sense that if you look at the age bracket of the victims, it's quite strange. The culprits, to me, should be examined. I don't think they are well; they should be sick upstairs. It's not normal; why should teenagers go after 60 to 80-year-old women, except of course we are told that all the young girls have fled the community? If not, you can't explain this. But we can assure you that government is not taking the issue of rape kindly. Of course, you know the punishment for rape; anybody caught will seriously be dealt with. It's a life jail offence; so if an 18-year-old boy wants to go to jail for life, for playing with an 80-year-old woman, so be it. It's unfortunate.