Gov. Daniel kicks against EFCC's jail conditions


Yemi Oke, Counsel to Ex Ogun Governor, Gbenga Daniel, Wednesday alleged that the former governor was being detained at the EFCC facility “under unbearable conditions” and subjected to “gruesome interrogations” by operatives of the commission.

“Under normal circumstances, Otunba Daniel should have been arraigned in court since he has spent more than the required period specified by law in detention,” the statement said.  “But at the time of issuing this statement, he has not been arraigned in court and no charge has been preferred against him. Yet he is being detained and his fundamental human rights curtailed for no just cause. Only his wife is allowed access to him.”

Mr. Daniel's lawyers, the statement said, this morning served the EFCC with court processes seeking to enforce the detainee's fundamental human rights, but that has been ignored by the agency.  As a result of the 'worsening' condition under which he is being held, as well as the curtailment of his fundamental rights, the former governor has now declined food and medication.

“It is noteworthy to point out that one of Otunba Daniel's interrogators, in an unguarded moment, blurted out that the case against him would not have gotten to this level if he had begged a former president of the country whom he said was behind Otunba Daniel's travails,” the statement said.  “We therefore call on all men and women of goodwill to prevail on the EFCC to allow the rule of law to prevail by either releasing the former governor or charge him to court. These are the only two options known to law.”

The former governor and former President Olusegun Obasanjo had a major public disagreement within the People's Democratic Party ahead of the April 2011 elections, and Obasanjo is known to be one of the signatories of the EFCC petition against Mr. Daniel.