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Naomi Mac: Nigerian Idol Has Opened Doors For Me

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She came second at the first Nigerian Idol but was the smallest, who won the hearts of viewers and entertainment buffs alike. Naomi Mac, shared the story behind her career and life with BOLATITO ADEBOLA.

How has the journey being like from that young girl to a popular runner-up at the first Nigeria Idol?

The journey has been very wonderful and great because it came unexpectedly, nobody imagined he or she would just blow like that in just six months and I'm very happy about it. Just like you said from nowhere to somewhere, it's a big challenge and with the way everything happened, it's something I have to live up to. I have been able to put myself together and burn this light of mine in other for it to shine. It's something that I have to live up to and I'm trying my best to keep up with it.

When Yeka Onka was announced as the winner, what went through your mind at that point?

Well before the show that day, we were already prepared for anything that comes, we had spoken at length, we had talked about if I win and if she wins and we both concluded that God should bless whoever wins and let the best person wins because we are doing the same thing and given our best shot the same day. I wasn't emotional about it because I believed not winning or not coming first did not make me a loser because at every competition a winner must emerge and it could have been me too.

So, looking at the challenges that Nigerian Idol must have dropped on your laps, what are you planning to do about your music career?

Truthfully, the show has opened doors for me and given me the opportunity to meet people that would help my career and I'm also working hard, right now, my single would be out next week and I'm working on something big for the Nigerian audience as well as the world's audience. I'm also working on my album and expect nothing but the best. I intend to work with top producers like Cobhams Asuquo and feature some top acts like M.I in my songs.

Investigation has it that you had released an album before now, how true is that?

Well, we had an album, that was a joint album with my sisters who also sing but wasn't released due to some reasons and after which my sisters went back to some other things while I stuck with my music guns and went about it professionally. My sisters still do music but it's like a vocation for them while it's a profession for me.

You talked about working with M.I and if I recollect you seem to be more gospel inclined, so what kind of songs are you hoping to do?

Well, working with any of these established acts doesn't make me worldly and their input on the songs would be in line with the theme which I must have created and I think they also have songs that have ministered to people in various ways. To me, Gospel music means good and clean music with a reasonable message. I would explain it better this way, most people think when you say Gospel music, it has to be laced with words like Jesus I Love You and all that but that is not all about gospel because I can sing a song that has no word like that in the song and which would still minister to thousands of souls, it's a message and the gospel I preach is that of peace, love and unity, all bonded by one God. Even Terry G preaches gospel in his own way while I would also be preaching the gospel in my own way.

What genre of music are you looking at?

Generally, I'm going to be very versatile because I'm a Nigerian and as such, I would do even my RnB in an African way and same is applicable for other genre of music like hip-hop, soul, jazz and rock but my major is RnB.

How often do you see and relate with Yeka and other contestants?

We are cool together, we see often and right now we have not seen each other because we have been busy trying to do our thing individually but we still call each other and same is applicable to other contestants. The idol made us a family and the bond is strong despite the competition.

You performed with the late lady of songs, Christy Essien Igbokwe before her death alongside Yeka, what was it like for you?

It was an awesome experience, I had performed her song during the show and I liked it but never knew it was going to be my greatest hit and performing it alongside the legend in the finals was just a dream come true. I went to her house, we met and she was in plain words, a mother. She barely knew me but treated me like one of hers and requested for a rehearsal with me and I felt so happy and honoured to have been with her on stage. I didn't believe she was actually dead when I heard about her death and it pained me real bad. She was a rare gem and I pray her soul rest in perfect peace eternally.