Latest from Lagbaja:Lagbaja drops 2 singles


Yet again, Lagbaja is set to hit the airwaves with new works. This
time he is dropping two singles.

"Nothing For You", "Dream Come True" and "Never Far Away" are three
Lagbaja love songs that became massive hits. "Did I" from his most
recent album, took his love stories to another level with a
Spanish-English duet. This time his love song brings a different
dimension as he pleads, "Knock Knock Knock, open your heart, love
wants to enter". Also a duet, Lagbaja is the repentant lover in this
continuation of his love saga.

Can two words make a comprehensible sentence? Can a meaningful
conversation be carried out with short bursts of two words? You might
think that unlikely, but wait until you hear Lagbaja's creativity in
motion on the track "Knock Knock Knock". It is most interesting how
the couple is able to carry out complete and meaningful conversations
mostly in two-word sentences. Always one to pioneer fresh concepts,
Lagbaja's new mid tempo track does not disappoint. Grooving right from
the start with a subtle touch of his ever present talking drums, the
song eventually rises into a climax as the talking drums pound lose
when the chorus begins to plead "Don't shut your heart to love".

His other single slated for simultaneous release is an even bolder
concept. Lagbaja continues his quest of seeing African grooves propel
music from all over the world. He incessantly preaches that African
grooves deserve to be globally acclaimed since Africa is the
fundamental root of rhythms and grooves. Applying afrobeat and
africano grooves to a Marley song, this track showcases that concept
very well. Surely Lagbaja's dream of hearing African rhythms behind
songs from other continents is well on its way to becoming reality.

Put Bob Marley on the stove, add Fela and let Lagbaja be the chef. How
sweet and tasty would that be? Well, you are in for a great treat as
Lagbaja applies Fela's style as well as his own Africano grooves to
Bob Marley's Redemption Song. He conjoins Fela and Bob Marley like two
inseparable twin brothers. In fact, he insists that they are
spiritually connected twin brothers who fought for the same purpose
although with different methods. Lagbaja has always reiterated that
these two have been major influences on his art. He pays homage to
them with this song. This he christens "2 African Soldiers".
Redemption Song (2 African Soldiers) is definitely destined to become
another Lagbaja classic. Attention! Salute two great African soldiers.
Or should we say 3 great African soldiers?