AGN battle latest: Leading contenders for Ejike Asiegbu’s job

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The last have not been heard of the trouble affecting the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) as different gladiators and godfathers have been playing different kind of political cards.

Ejike Asiegbu the purported ousted president of the association is still holding on to the post and planning an election to conclude his tenure. Ejike who is still holding on to the secretariat and official car of the association goes about as if nothing has happened.

He even got all the state chapter chairmen together to still affirm him as the leader. A move meant to make his sack null and void. Ifeanyi Dike the chairman of the board of trustee that sacked Ejike for not holding fresh election and an offence some people see as lack of transparency has thrown his weight and influence behind Kanayo O Kanayo (KOK) who was appointed as interim chairman pending when new election will hold. KOK is being supported by Charles Okafor and Clarion Chukwurah.

But beyond all these in-fighting, a new twist is being added into the fight as names of those interested in the presidency have beginning to crop up and number one name on the list is Emeka Ike.
Yes, we mean Emeka Ike the star actor. Although he has been actively involved in the politics of the association, gunning for the presidency is one thing people least expected of him. “I' ve had a couple of people approached me to vie for the presidency and as we speak now, many people are talking to me about it and I'm thinking about it. I'll let you know my decision when I'm done” he told us recently. But observers say Emeka is only being political as his body language indicates that he is really interested in running the association.

But one leading actress who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said she would prefer Emeka remains a kingmaker, the role he played well during last election though he supported Emeka Roland. Time will tell whether he is surely ready to battle for the presidency.
KOK the interim president appointed by Ifeanyi Dike led board of trustee is also said to be interested in the post of the president. He is said to have started work on how to contest the planned election and lead the association.
For now the two are said to be leading contenders for the Ejike's job and time would only tell if Ejike would give way for any of them to emerge.