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How UN should resolve conflicts, by President Jonathan

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President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday proposed a remedy for the prevention of conflicts in the world.

He urged world leaders to assist nations and communities to restore their social and institutional.

Jonathan said preventive diplomacy should be made the centre point of United Nations intervention.

He said if world leaders show enough commitment to providing opportunities for people in their livelihood; it is possible to directly and indirectly prevent conflicts.

The President addressed the United Nations Security Council yesterday; he spoke on the theme “Maintenance of International Peace and Security- Conflict Prevention”.

Jonathan argued that Nigeria's support for preventive diplomacy was born out of the concern that the nature of conflict across the world is out-pacing effective response.

He said too much emphasis and resources have been placed on the military dimensions of peace and security without addressing the root causes of conflicts.

In his opinion the immediate challenge before the Security Council must be how to address these key questions.

Citing the various efforts by Africa in employing mediation and preventive diplomacy, Jonathan said early warning and mediation mechanisms has been put in place.

He said The African Union has made strident steps to develop a framework for Preventive Diplomacy through the efforts of the African Union Peace and Security Council. While at the sub-regional level, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has also made great strides in this area, primarily through the steady implementation of its conflict prevention framework encompassing diplomacy, fact- finding and early warning system.

He called on UN system and international community to support regional and sub-regional initiatives both financially and technically.

“Mr. President, I wish to express, on behalf of the Government and people of Nigeria, my appreciation to you for convening this crucial meeting, to review the United Nations' efforts in the area of Conflict Prevention. Nigeria considers it a subject of critical importance to all humanity.”