My Greatest Desire Is To Walk Again


Nigerian gospel music sensation,Yinka Ayefele, told ADETUTU AUDU, what he does on a typical day

Q: When do you normally start your day?

A: I wake up by 6 a.m., tune my radio to listen to the news and by 7.30 a.m., I am out of bed to prepare for the day's job. By 8.30 a.m., I am in my office.

Q: What is your typical day like?

A: On a normal day, when I get to the office, I attend to visitors and other personal issues, but Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are spent outside the office for engagements.

Q: What dictates your dressing?

A: My day. It depends on the kind of people I am expecting to meet.

Q: What kind of outfits do you feel most comfortable in?

A: I love Jeans and T-shirts with good pairs of sneakers.

Q: What will you not do in the name of fashion?

A: I will never do anything crazy in the name of fashion. Simplicity is my watchword.

Q: Favourite Food?

A: Pounded yam and okra soup.

Q: Greatest desire?

A: To get up and walk again.

Q: What will you change if you were to be President of Nigeria?

A: I will work towards making things easier for the masses and better the lives of the average Nigerian. You see, many of the people in the upper class don't feel the pains like the so-called mekunnu (less privileged), while the difference between the poor and rich is so glaring in our country.

Q: What do you want to be remembered for?

A: Good legacy, someone who has touched lives.

Q: When do you retire to bed?

A: After listening to the evening news. I sleep usually by 11 p.m.

Q: Any memorable moments?

A: I was a member of the Boys Scout while I was growing up, so I miss being a member now.