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WARRI - Indigenes of Ugborodo community in the Escravos River estuary on the shore of Atlantic Ocean have been called upon to live in peace with one another to ensure the overall development of the community.

In a statement,yesterday, in Warri after the meeting of elders and other stakeholders, and signed by Eghare W. O. Ojogor (Eghare-Aja of Ugborodo), Benson Omadele (Olaja-Orori of Ugborodo), Pa E. E. Tsebi (Registered Trustee) and Pa  J. O. S.  Ayomike, who presided over the meeting, the elders said the issue of election and appointment into the Ugborodo Trust has for now been laid to rest with the emergence of the David Tonwe-led Trust.

The statement noted that: 'Membership of any traditional 'male cult' in the community has never been a criteria for anyone to vie for the post of chairmanship of the Trust, and as such any one irrespective of religious beliefs, provided that individual is an indigene of the community is free to lead the Trust for as long as such a person is acceptable to the Olaja-Orori and Eghara-Aja in consultation with the elders and the community in general.'

At a briefing on behalf of the elders, Mr. Benjamin Cole said by Ugborodo Community Tradition and Constitution, anywhere the Olaja-Orori and Eghare-Aja are, they collectively remain the custodians of Ugborodo culture, mores and community's constitution such that they can perform their respective functions anywhere they are.

Cole said it was based on this principle that the immediate past executive of Ugborodo Trust-led by Mr. Thomas Ereyitomi was put in place three years ago in Warri.