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RE: Economic & Financial Crimes By Ahaji Idris I. Wada and Horizon Construction Company Limited.

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Dear Sir,
We are the leaders of Kogi Patriots, Kogi State. Our mission among others is to expose all forms of anti people activities, frauds, economic and financial crimes and to ensure

 that people of questionable character with self seeking mission do not ride on the crest of any of the political parties to Lugard house as governor or to any elective office in Kogi State.  We are very passionate about this and would not spare any efforts to ensure that only credible people with clean records and unblemished antecedents do get to public office in Kogi State, our own dear father land. The peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is the party in power in Kogi State under the government of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris who is the Executive Governor of the state. The tenure of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris would by the grace of God terminate by the end of the first quarter of 2012 and a new administration would then be ushered in.

To enable the good people of Kogi State choose their Governor who would succeed the present governor, the Independent National Electoral Commission has slated the governorship election in Kogi state for the 3 rd day of December, 2011. Towards this, the PDP has announced that it would re conduct a party primaries to enable it choose another flag bearer for the 3 rd December, 2011 governorship election in Kogi state. Painfully, however, one of the candidates flaunting his ill-gotten wealth and questionable connection to the Executive Governor of Kogi State is one Alhaji Idris  I. Wada popularly known and called 'Capt Wada'   

We, the Kogi Patriots believe very strongly that certainly, Alh. Idris I. Wada known as Captain Wada is not eligible and or qualified to rule the state as governor even though the sitting Governor, Alh. Ibrahim Idris who is the father in law to Capt Wada wants to foist his candidature on the people of Kogi State having recently dumped his erstwhile political friend 'Echocho'. Our conclusion that Captain Wada is not eligible to rule Kogi State and should not be allowed to be fielded as a candidate by the PDP is based on the reasons hereunder stated which is why we decided to write this petition to you for your swift and immediate action, namely, that Alh. Ibrahim Idris, the Executive Governor of Kogi State in connivance with Alh Idris Wada have looted Kogi State treasury under the guise of payment for contracts not executed and or payments for contracts in excess and far above the extent of job done. The following facts would suffice.

1.   Alh. Idris I. Wada (i.e. Capt Wada) is one of the Directors of HORIZON GROUP LIMITED which is a conglomerate of companies with the following subsidiaries:

i.                    Horizon stock Brokers Ltd 
ii.                  Horizon Building Society Ltd
iii.               Hotel De Horizon  Ltd
iv.             Horizon Bureau  De Change Ltd
v.                Horizon Construction Co. Ltd
2.      The Kogi state Governor who is the father in-law of Capt Wada awarded numerous contracts to Horizon Construction Co. Ltd one of the numerous companies in the Horizon Group of companies whose major director is Capt Wada.

  3. By letter dated 30 th August, 2010 with reference No. KGS/CAB/39/VOL. 111/653 the Kogi state Government made an offer of Provisional Award of contract for the dualization of Ankpa Township Road to Horizon Construction Co. Ltd at the contract sum of Six Hundred and Twenty Two Million, One Hundred and Sixty Nine Thousand, Five Hundred and Sixty Nine Naira, Thirty five Kobo (N622, 169, 569.35)   please find attached to this petition a photocopy of the said letter of award marked as annexture 'A'.

4.   Upon acceptance of the offer, the sum of  N186,650,870.81 as plant advance was approved and paid to the company as evidenced by the letter dated 23 rd September, 2010 reference No. MOW/KGC1V/385/VOL1/10 hereby annexed and marked as annexture 'B' together with Certificate Valuation No. 1 (one) marked as Exh 'C' herein. 

5.   By Certificate Valuation No. 2 (two) the sum of Eighty Four Million, Seven Hundred and Thirty Three Thousand, Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Naira, Ten kobo (N84,733, 777.10) was further approved and paid to the contractor. Attached to this petition and marked as Exh 'D' is a photocopy of the certificate valuation.

It must be pointed out that as at the date of this letter, the contractor is yet to mobilize to contract site not to even talk of having started any work.  No work has started at the site and no work is on going and yet the contractor has been paid the two huge sums of money for doing nothing. This no doubt is a clear case of Economic and Financial Crime which must be investigated. Alh Idris I. Wada (Capt Wada) is the 'big boss' of the Horizon Group of Company Ltd which is the parent company of Horizon Construction Co. Ltd.

6. By a letter of offer of Provisional Award of Contract for the  construction of Iyamoye - Igbagun - Ife Olukotun - Ponyan - Jege Road dated 29 th December, 2008 with reference No. KGS/S/CAB/39/Vol.1 /485 Horizon Construction Co. Ltd was awarded another contract by the Kogi state Government to the tune of Two Billion, Two Hundred and eighty Five Million, Five Hundred and Forty One Thousand, Five Hundred and seventy Three Naira, Twenty Nine Kobo (N2,285, 511,573.29) which was later reviewed upward by an additional sum of N455,534,927 .04 which brought the total sum to N2, 741, 076,500.33. Out of this total sum, the sum of N2, 464,609,377.09 has been paid leaving only a paltry sum of N278,467,123.30 outstanding. The level of job said to have been completed on paper stands at 80% whereas the real job done at the site is not even up to 20%. The contractor has been paid for a job that has not been done all in the bid to oil the engine that will rail road him to Kogi state Government House. Please find attached the letter of upward reviewed marked as annexture 'E'.

  7. On or about the 10th May, 2006, the Kogi State government awarded a contract for the sum of N30,000,000.00 to Horizon Construction Co. Ltd for Erosion Control of Ubiga/Agojo Eju - Idah K(Phasce 1), which we concede the company executed and was duly paid. We hereby annex to this petition, a photocopy of compilation of projects executed by the  government of Kogi State from 2003 - 2010 marked as Exh 'F'  

8. Horizon Construction co. Ltd was also awarded a contract for the rehabilitation and erosion control on Oguchekwo Street by Angwa-Ede, Ankpa by the Kogi state government via a letter dated 29 th September, 2008 with reference No KG/S/CAB/39/Vol. 1/448 for sum of Three Hundred Fifty One Million, Six Hundred and twenty One Thousand, Ninety Naira Only (N351,621,093.00) . Attached is a copy of the said  marked as Exh 'G'. 

The Abuja office of Horizon Construction Co. Ltd and or its parent company is 40 Lusaka Street, Wuse Zone 6, Abuja while the Lagos office is Investment House, 4 th Floor, 21/25 Broad Street, Lagos.

In the light of the above facts, it would be great disservice on our part to fold our arms and allow the governance of our state to be handed over to a contractor who has not only connived with a sitting governor (who is his father in-law) to loot the state treasury but has plundered our collective wealth.  It is in this regard that we write to urge you to speedily investigate the matter.

  Thank you for your prompt action.
Yours faithfully,
  For:  Kogi Patriots    
The Chairman,
Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,
National Headquarters,
Abuja - Nigeria.