Actress Tonto Dikeh romances footballer kalu Uche!

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Tonto Dikeh

Club insomnia was full on friday june 12,2009 and those who went there to have fun could not take their eyes off pretty actress Tonto Dikeh...neither could tonto take her eyes off footballer kalu uche(the older brother of footballer Ikechukwu Uche).

those who watched her and her new boyfriend also whisper the actress was a littled miffed when some handbags came over to say hello to loverboy.

''she was all over kalu and her eyes monitored his movement the whole night.they may deny it but they have began dating''.

Another set of tatafos have whispered to me that Tonto and Kalu were introduced in december 2008 at the brithday party of (wait for this...)actress Uche Jombo!.

well they are both young and single so heres wishing them luck as they date,may rumour mongers never penetrate their relationship,may their lips never deny each other publicly in Jesus name.father lord,we bind all spirit of unseriousness,and waka-waka from this relationship in the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus christ.!!!we send holy ghost fireeeeee to strengthen this!-fire!!-fireeee!!!

...Actress Tonto Dikeh is presently in new york city having the time of her life,she was spotted there on saturday june 20,2009!...i am excited for them so let me do some name playing..Okay so if this works out,tonto will become tonto dikeh-uche!congrats oh.