ANTP Election: Elders support Muyiwa Ademola against Odule


ANTI-Dele Odule members of the ANTP have teamed up to scuttle the ambition of the current vice-president of the theatre practitioners group from taking over power from incumbent president, Prince Jide Kosoko.

To ensure this, Muyiwa Ademola is said to have been courted by some influential elders of ANTP to give Dele Odule stiff competition at the elections likely to hold next month, just as Asaolu and Bobo B have purportedly declared their intention to be ANTP's next president.

Following RMT's report few weeks ago, the Anti-Odule forces sprung into action to “clip the wings of the proud man”, said a member of the group “and have decided to get Muyiwa to join the party”.

Dele was said to have incurred the wrath of some elders for daring to call an elderly Oga Bello his friend and for insisting that he would not step down for anybody this time around.

Not moved by the plans of his enemies, Dele has decided to “continue in the ways that will win” him more supporters.

“The battle is not about me, its about the future of ANTP. I won't speak on some things again so I won't be misunderstood, but then I will continue in my quest to impact positively on the lives of members of ANTP”, he said.

On rumours that he was only bragging to get attention as he would eventually step down the third time, Odule insisted: “On Ido-Oko I stand”. He wouldn't tell what agreement was reached in the Osun State town, neither would he say anything on Jide's influence on the way the pendulum would swing.

Meanwhile, Muyiwa has begged to be kept out of the politics of ANTP as he had not told anyone that he has his eyes on Kosoko's seat.

“Please, leave me out of ANTP politics”, his spokesman told .