Hot sex keeps my marriage fresh-------Omoni Oboli

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Omoni Oboli

If you love real talent, you would love Omoni Oboli. She acts with extra grace. All you need do is watch her in The Rivals and Sweet Tomorrow, then you are hooked. She recently signed up with the Ope Banwo-led Stingomania to manage her affairs. This 31 year-old French graduate who has been married for 10 years spoke with SAMUEL OLATUNJI on what has kept her marriage and Nollywood.

Why did you have to marry so early?
I wonder! I just met the right person. You know what it is when you meet someone and you know that this is the man. It's not that he was my first boyfriend; I just knew that he is the man. Again, I fell in love with the way he loved me. His love was overwhelming and when he proposed, I just said yes. He proposed to me after two weeks actually. I surprised myself by saying yes.

Are you sure you did not rush into this?
No, I did not rush into it. It's been almost 10 years now and we have three beautiful children. I think the love is even getting stronger.

You have three children and you look this stunning. How do you keep in shape?
It's hard work. I do a bit of dieting and fitness on the side. I know a lot about keeping fit.

What kind of exercise do you do and what kind food do you eat?
Six weeks after my last child in England, I used to leave my baby and go for one-hour power walk. I would be out there whether it was raining or snowing and in the evening I would go to the gym. And I would not touch cake even if my life depended on it. Even till now I don't take sugary thing.

Why all these hard work?
My husband likes me like this.

Your husband looks so gentle one would wonder if he is capable of handling you, or I'm I being deceived?
No, you are not deceived, but he is also very strong. He knows when to accept something and when not to accept. Generally, he believes in what I do and he knows this is what makes me happy, so he would rather have a happy wife than an unhappy one. This is my life; I'm not going to do anything else.

Weren't you scared that marriage would slow you down?
Talent has a lot to do with how you rise. I got into the industry when I was 17 or 18. I didn't have to sleep with anybody to get there. I did three lead roles in one year. The films are Destined to die, Not my Will, and Campus Tail by Hilda Dokunbo. Since I wasn't sleeping with them before, I don't have to start now.

How was it like on the set of Figurine by Kunle Afolayan?
It was great. It is very different from what I've ever done. I've never seen the kind of equipment we used. The story is very different; it wasn't your normal regular Nollywood story. We shot for a month and we all became like one family. We also had lots of cool locations.

How was it like leaving your husband behind in Lagos for one month?
My husband had to come once and spent about four days with me.

When you spend a long time with people outside of your home, do you get to feel something emotional with them?
There is no actor in Nollywood that is as tight as my husband. Why would I be tripping for a fellow actor? This is a job, you have to do what you have to do and go. I have friends among them. But that is as far as it goes. I don't even think about it. Really, no one looks better than my husband.

What's been the most challenging role you've played?
I think it is Sweet Tomorrow. I had to be in wheel chair. I fell so many times and I had bruises all over me. It wasn't funny at all.

Why is it taking you so long a time to breakthrough despite the fact that lots of people are saying you are so talented?
I think everyone has his or her time. But a lot of my movies have not been released. So, you should watch out.

How was life at UNIBEN and why didn't you study Theatre Art?
Funny enough, I've been acting since I was three. I've always loved entertainment and showbiz. I don't think I have to study Theatre Art to be in the industry. There are so many people who did not study art in school, but they are great actors. I believe I have the talent, which was enough for me.

Since global meltdown affected Nollywood, did it affect you?
No, Nollywood is not the only thing I do. And for crying out loud, I have a husband that works.

What does your husband do?
He is an optometrist. That is different from optician. It is an optometrist who checks your eyes and determines whether you need to wear glasses or not.

Is that why you are wearing contact lens?
I have eye problem.

Let's talk about your deal with Stingomania. Don't you think you are signing away your freedom?
I think this would work because I'm not driven by money. If my management company is taking 20 per cent, I still have 80 per cent. I think that is a lot. The management company is getting me deals and things I couldn't do on my own. If for instance I'm supposed to do two movies a year, I would probably be doing six with my management company. So, I'm making more money because of them. Stingomania will do a lot of things for me and will get me deals even outside of acting. And as per the freedom issue, the company doesn't close a deal for you without discussing with you first. If I say I don't want it, that's it.

So, the marketers will have to speak with your management company now, don't you think that will get them pissed off?
They won't get pissed off because I'm a humble person. I think the way you present issue to people will determine how they react to it.

What has kept your marriage going for 10 years?
We just have to keep it fresh all the time and we keep the sex hot. I was ready for marriage and I told myself that once I get married I would stay married.

How easy is it to break into Nollywood?
It's not easy, let me not lie about that. Some people are there and don't want anybody to come up there, I don't want to mention names. But if you have the talent and persistence, you will get there.

Who is the most interesting actor you've worked with?
I would say Ramsey Nouah because he is fun to work with. He is lively and always looking for what will make people happy.

How old are you?
I was 31 in April.

Are you still going to make more kids?
No. I'm done.

At 31 you are done with kids, you seem to be doing everything early?
I got married at 21 really. Honestly I didn't think I would be married at 21. I just met the right person. Why wait again if I've met the right person? He would probably date me for a couple of years, get frustrated and move on to another person. And then I would have missed the right person. He wanted marriage and I wanted it too. Marriage has matured me. I've always been matured. I grew up before my time. His being with a good man has also helped me.

Does he complain about your romantic roles?
No. There was a scene in Figurine where I had to kiss someone. Everybody is talking about the picture on facebook. But what most people don't know was that he was actually there when we were shooting the love scene in Osun.

Why kiss somebody on set when you could fake it?
It's a job. There is nothing to it. There were about 20 people there, so you can't really be moved emotionally. It is a job.

What should your fans expect from you?
They should expect the best. I'll always give them the best, That is why I don't do every movie that comes across my way, I chose my script. That is why I can confidently say that if you find me in a movie, it is really good.