Abdul Salaam Mumuni of Venus films is a thief

By Joy Della Ocloo
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I am writing exams and so I have not been too active. But, I watched a movie to relax and saw one called the king is mine.

They copied an American movie called the other Boleyn Girl. Salaam Mumuni is crying that he did not win AMAA. How can you win when you keep spitting shit all the time? nonsense costumes, over make-up, over exaggerated everything. You steal peoples ideas from left right and center. Your films are full of cheesy, deary dialogue and one way stories and one way cast. Your Samira costume woman is absolutely crazy with all those tacky, horrible costumes she creates all the time. Who at all said she is a wardrobe designer? where did she study? In fact, the costumes overshadow the cast. Salaam, wake up and smell the coffee!! STOP making FOOLISH one way stories. We have had enough of kings and princes and horrible locations. You want to win AMAA. You cannot win Kofi, let alone AMAA. (sorry, that is a Ghana joke)

But on a serious note, Salaam Mumuni needs to STOP these horrible things he calls movies. Must his stories always be stolen? or about kings, princes and all those horrible mansions and costume? I mean what the heck?

This is totally atrocious!!

Don't bother watching that movie, go watch the other Boleyn girl instead. It will serve you better and in fact, I think I will talk to the copyright office about this nonsense going on in Ghana and Nigeria where this people are stealing works of other people. You think it is easy to come up with story ideas? Maybe that will help them get ORIGINAL, when FBI confiscates their movies and when they get sued by the producers, then they will wake up.

Good, my noise making has it benefits, Jackie LOST WEIGHT!

Back to the books.