‘Nigerian Movie Industry Will Fail’

Source: http://nigeriafilms.com
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The Chief Executive Officer of AK Media Concepts Limited, Mr. Benson Akindeju, producer of television serials, Face-2-Face, Family Ties and No Where To Be Found, has noted that the Nigeria movie industry will fail if it does not get the necessary government support.

He reiterated that although the practitioners have performed excellently well over the years, government's support, which is the only thing lacking, cannot be ignored.

“The Nigeria movie industry will fail if government did not support it. In other countries like America, Indian and even South Africa, government give them money to shoot films. They also build film villages for them.

“But here in Nigeria, the reverse is the case as the government is not concerned about the tough challenges being faced by filmmakers,” he stated.

Speaking further on the standard of foreign soaps which are being shown in Nigeria, Mr. Benson said the only edge they have over their Nigerian counterparts is the equipment used in shooting them.

“Foreign soaps are not better. It's just that they have better equipment. Some of them had been shot for years and the picture quality is still okay. This is because government is backing them with funds and other things.

“But if we have half of the support they have, we will be far away, better than them. Because in terms of story line and other things, I think Nigerians are leading the pack,” Mr. Benson stressed.

http://nollywoodgists.com gathered that AK Media Concept's latest soap entitled No Where To Be Found, will hit the screens in July.

It featured stars like Tony Umez and Eniola Olaniyan among others.