Soul E moves on says ‘No regrets’

Soul E and ex wife
Soul E and ex wife
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If you are one of those thinking that singer Soul E is mourning his fate or remorse about his predicament in the last few months, sorry to disappoint you because he is not.

The singer re branded his stage name and identity after getting 'married' to Queen Ure Okezie in Umuahia last year, and went on to parade themselves about town as showbiz couple, man and wife, appearing on different television shows and several events as King and Queen.

The charade went on and appeared rosy until three months ago when news filtered that the couple's marriage was slowly packing up with Soul E having moved to Malaysia telling Ure he needed space.

Well he's since returned to the country for a few weeks now and is trying to move on with life as an unmarried young man plagued with a a lot of challenges while squatting with a friend in Ogba; a place he once lived before moving in with Ure; his estranged wife, in her palatial Omole residence.

As gists continue to make the rounds about the break up and with new facts emerging every day, including Soul E saying that they were never married in the first place and Ure saying they had both parents blessing, Soul E has returned to the studio and is presently recording.

The dance hall act who broke famous after releasing the single, 'Soul E Baba dey here', disclosed in an anonymous chat with our reporter that 'I am working on a song with a juju act called 'ten ten'. It will take over the whole place'.

Since his return from Malysia and his move into Ogba, the singer who clocked twenty six (26) last

Wednesday has been seen walking the streets without a car which brings to question who is the real owner of the car he used with his wife , who doubled as manager.

When asked how he feels about the media feasting on his calamities, Soul E said 'Well, me and my ex are no more together and I enjoy all of the attention because that's what showbiz is all about'. On if he did not see it coming, the singer says 'my kind of person does not look at what is wrong in the past. I look at now (the present) and more (beyond).

He emphatically said he had no regrets because he is still good friend with his estranged. 'Yes, no regrets. We are still very good friends and there is nothing that I regret about. I live my life the way it comes'.

Ask Soul E today, if he learnt any lessons from marrying an older lover and if he will embark on such expensive venture again and he says, ' no lesson at all. I take charge of anything that happens to me and that's the way my life is. And as I dey so, if I see someone that makes me happy and I like the person, I go enter another one, that's me baby', he concluded on his failed marriage.

It is difficult to tell if Ure was ever pregnant for the singer even though Soul E once announced to the press that they were expecting a first baby which was never delivered. The couple was reportedly ex-communicated from the Rev. Kris Okotie led Household of God when they refused to give up on their affair.

On his chances of going back to Collossal Entertainment, the label that brought him to limelight before he got romantically involved with his estranged lover, the singer says he is on his own at present and would rather not talk about it (Collosal).

However Collosal management speaking through Ben Phillips say they do not have a problem with the artiste. Ben said 'How can we possibly accept someone we never chased. Its more or less like he never left.'

Queen Ure Okezie, Soul E's ex- has since gone back to her banking profession on running out of funds to promote the singer's music and having barely enough to get by. Her abode which used to house the singer's siblings has also been deserted by Soul E's family members. The two-part albums they released, His Excellency 1 and 2 were commercial flops and now the singer is trying hard to resurrect his nose-dived career. The couple were twelve years apart in age.