Yuguda and the burden of undue criticism by Adamu Muhd Usman

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“If you can, help others; if you can't do that, at least don't harm them”

---Dalai Lama ( Bhuddism religious leader based in Tibet region, China )

The Nigerian dailies have been in undated with hearty sessions of comments and indeed intellectual psychiatry of the recent Bauchi State political brouhaha. In malevolence of the much dramatic eccentricity of the present political instability in Nigeria and precisely in Bauchi state, which has gone to the preposterous extend of Governor's decamping from the party that voted him to power in 2007 that is A.N.P.P back to P.D.P and threatening to impeach the Deputy governor of the state of the day because he refused to go with governor, one undeniable fact is that the political dispensation has sustained the freedom of expression.

Unlike in the dark days of military, which the citizens hardly flee without being asked to explain their actions even during Obasanjo's era, such action was similar practiced. The stunning success of this present administration one cannot disqualify is the gesture of this liberty to express or report evil deeds of political ruler (s) (you hear me right, rulers not leaders) and alike through an avenue for people's awareness.

Those who are educated, civilized and familiar with the human nature view it as normal very, very normal for someone drift beyond his bounds once in a while. To candid there is indeed a great need to monitor, observe and articulate the activities of those who God has bestowed power on them to lead and rule us in this our contemporary society.

If the truth must to be told, most present Nigerian rulers have betrayed the trust handed to them, especially the Bauchi State Governor (Malam? Isa Yuguda) on a platter of bullion at the 2007 election. The catch-22 of decamping, impeachment saga, lack broad consultations to the electorate and the disparager of truth for given a room and the acceptance of constructive criticisms and the evaluation of their activities. To be frank the above headline I read in Daily Trust, Page 11 of Friday July 3rd, 2009 written by Danlami Baban Tanko abuse a freedom of expression, depriving people from what they are legally entitled and is pastiest way of crippling democratic process.

If not that, how can Malam Tanko accused or branded Bala Mohammed and Auwal Dankano as cynic, arrogants and ignorants, because they wrote about Bauchi State 's political fracas. From all indication, it is Danlami, that is arrogant and ignorant because Bauchi political chronicle is every Nigerian and those in Diaspora's business because Bauchi State presents political brouhaha it is a smooth way to hijack and endanger democratic process, which will bring political volatility, absence of peaceful co-existence, abortion of societal development and ineptitude of mutual understanding.

Mr. Danlami is ignorant whether Bala Mohammed is an indigene of Bauchi State only works or studies or lives or otherwise in Abuja. Also Auwal Dankano may as well have a link with Bauchi State or he resides, works, studies or otherwise there. I give applause Bala and Auwal because both they neither pretend nor hide their identity and I have not seen the reason why someone can hide his or her identity because man must be identified by his name, believe, culture, attitude and society.

Take the recent two great events in our history, One, like the way Obama did and made his dream comes true and elected as American president as number one world citizen is because of his honesty. He did not hide his name, denied his colour, race, origin or religious back ground (affiliation). Two, unlike late Michael Jackson, who died neither a black nor white, neither European nor African because he denied his origin, he changed his colour and natural structures among others.

Mr. Danlami, the Nigerian constitution gave freedom of expression also the Almighty God endowed man with faculties of thinking and understanding, the power to distinguish right from wrong and also God invested man with freedom of will and choice and the power to use the resources of the world in any way and manner he likes. So, not even Auwal, Bala or an outstanding and ace columnist in Media Trust that is Modibbo Kawu even I myself all the way from Kafin-Hausa Jigawa State will joint the queue of those calling Malam Isah Yuguda to revisit some of his decisions eg impeaching his deputy for nothing sake just because he refused to betray the trust and mandate of the people that voted him to power and also for agitating a positive in Bauchi State presicely and the country as a whole. Bala and Auwal I commend your efforts and courage in contributing on such issues it is our right of freedom of speech in a democratic system of government

In line with this, I have not seen a reason why editors or columnists will be attacked when they write on any political ruler of nowadays also to my imagination, Modibbo Kawu the Daily Trust columnist, is not instigating or castigating media report against Isah Yuguda or defaming him, or he has anything against him. He is only exercising his journalism role for public awareness, because journalists have the power of the pen and the power in his/their hands to change society for better. So, I see no reason why Ishaq Kawu Modibbo should be crucified.

Good journalism changes the society for the better. The world celebrates them because they are agents for change, they think far, dream wide, aim for their mission and vision to come to reality and look for solution to problems for peaceful co-existence, political stability, societal progress and National Development. To be candid I have not seen anything wrong in pointing at a fault of politicians, precisely Bauchi State saga, office holders or governments etc for corrections to be affected, towards evolving a virile and egalitarian society

As I once stated in my writings that, good journalism which some media practices doesn't spare anything or any one when it comes to correction. So my dear editors/columnists, you should not relent but keep the ball rolling, more grease to your elbows, more wisdom to your thoughts and more ink to your pen with fair, balanced and unbiased publication for societal progress. Please stay the course.

You know, if you are doing the right thing people may try to distract your attention and your just have to continue with your job. To make mark in this life, you have to live a life of purpose, you have to believe, love and focused on what you are doing and go against all odds no matter the situation or what is happening around you.

“The challenges is not to manage time but to manage our selves”

------Steven Covey
In the final note, no any well meaning Nigerian will admire, appreciate or support Yuguda's present political somersault. I give apology to A. Harry Truman former US president (1884-1972) which says: “Do your duty, and history will do you justice.” O God strength our faith, expand our living space and bless us in our livelihood. O God inspires us with good conduct and save us from the evil of our selfishness. Amen.

Kafin-Hausa, Jigawa-State

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