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Before now, Television viewership was conventional. Today, a new trend in television viewership has evolved, bringing to fore a new concept in the TV market segment.

The rave in the market may have perhaps been premised on the new way consumers are responding to developments in technological advancements and the infotainment world.

Recently, Sony, Life is Good (LG) and lately Panasonic were in the new frenzy. The new drift is the deployment of 3D internet TV by Panasonic to boost the internet TV market, even as Mr. Suraj Rupani, Promoter, Panaserve Nigeria Limited, major marketers of Panasonic brands in Nigeria, expressed the Japanese company's commitment to the electronic market in Nigeria, where 25 models, which include 10 3D and 5 LED models, in addition to 3D LED LCD TVs and Neo Plasma 3D TVs would be deployed.

Aside the release of the new range of Viera infotainment TVs, all of which are internet enabled, the company also introduced its 2011 model Home Theaters and DVD players, as well Lumix, a 3D camera with OIS technology.

The new series of Panasonic Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) provides easy access to internet services such as; Youtube, Skype, Facebook, Twitter among other web based services.

Speaking, Mr. Obayashi Mikihiro, CIMA, Panasonic Japan, said with the development of its 3D IPS Alpha LCD panels that will now add mid-size models to the large sized 3D PDPs to the Panasonic Viera 3D TV line, stressed that the company will continue to lead the 3D TV market.

According to him, 'choosing the right technology depends on a number of factors, including viewing environment and choice.

One thing is sure, television enthusiasts have never chosen from such a wide selection of Full HD 3D TVs, whether LED/LCD or plasma, from the industry leader, he claims.

In the same vein, the introduction of Panasonic's Home theahter line by Mr. Motoda Takashi, AVC Networks, Panasonic Japan revealed that the new trend in the company's wireless speakers, the system, he said, transmits audio signals by radio waves, eliminates the speaker cables running from the main unit to rear speakers. The signal is not interrupted by people walking through the room or blocked by furniture.