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It is no longer news, that mankind crashed from grace to grass and lost connection with his Creator when mother eve carried her task of supplying the nutritional needs of the family too far and brought home the forbidden fruit. Poor Adam only knew how to take Eve's generous offering.

Many thanks to the children of Israel, the Jews, who transmitted this story from generation to generation and to the Christians, who further transmitted the story to the rest of the world to the extent that for many today, it is no longer news. Nevertheless, I have plenty news for you on the theme of this popular story.

I speak of the theme of the story or of the morale of the story because I have come to a firm conviction that this story is not a historical fact or record as has been assumed so far. This is probably news to you but it is true. There was never a one man Adam and a one woman Eve in an earthly Garden of Eden. Those were metaphors for men and women.

There was also no such earthly fruit from a tree of knowledge. Furthermore, the tempter was neither an earthly snake nor was there a time when snakes could speak a human language. The snake is only a metaphor for the tempter, an analogy that is based on the animal's poisonous nature and cunning habit of lurking even in unexpected places. The entire story is indeed an allegory or a parable that has so far remained shrouded in mystery. Even the narrative in the bible records today cannot possibly be identical with the original story when it was told for the first time.

This story describes to us the spiritual fall of mankind as a result of disobedience. This led to the over cultivation of his intellect (the tree of knowledge of good and evil) because in his disobedience, he had to rely more on the intellect than on his intuition. This, in turn, became an hereditary sin due to the biological inheritance of a large fore brain that became disproportionate with the spiritual hind brain, cutting him off from his spiritual home and turning the human spirits into earthmen, who needed to suffer and eat from the sweat of his brow.

He had become the prodigal son, the lost prince who ate with pigs haven forgotten home…….until 'he came unto himself' i.e. until he came to realise who he really is and sought to reconnect with his father's palace even if as one of the lowest servants, thus displaying humility at last. In all of these, woman, whose role was to lift mankind's gaze upwards and was supposed to be the conscience of men was the first to fall. She incited him to over cultivate his intellect and become unnatural, what more, her offspring's were brought up with this aberration (this issue is explained with logical clarity and finality in the work, In the Light of Truth the Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin).

In order to be clearer about these and to bring home the relevance of this tale, let us come to modern times. Even today, Eve has not changed her ways as she continues to feed us with the forbidden fruit and even though we had been warned about this through Moses and other prophets even the son of God Jesus, we have essentially continued to gullibly consume the forbidden frui, thus keeping mankind in the perpetual danger of death, i.e. spiritual death. In other words, the death that was spoken of in the story of the forbidden fruit is not the physical one as man just like the animals was naturally subject to physical death from the on-set.

It should not be difficult for modern man to realise the immense significance and importance of women on earth today. The upbringing and behaviour of the growing child is determined mostly by the mother's attitude. Here we can clearly see her influence as the character moulder. She caters for the physical feeding of the child as well as the care of his/her body, carefully tending the little baby until it becomes a child that grows under her influence into a youth.

A youth who now stands on his own. He actually stands on a pedestal that was laid by the parental upbringing wherein the mother's influence is naturally the strongest be it good, bad or careless. The youth bears the stamp of her mother's attitude. This is not to absolve the father of responsibility.

Therefore, let us beg eve.
(If as a woman or girl you have been tempted to read this, do not be offended. What you have just read was addressed only to Adam.)