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A middle-aged man, who was courageous enough to raise his hands in objection to a forced marriage between his ex-fiancée and a Pastor was given a beaten of his life for exhibiting such effrontery.

According to source, Adeyemi Oladele and the supposed bride, Christiana Essiet have been dating for seven years, and her father had consented to the two getting married before he died early this year. Trouble started after the demise of the father, as Christie's mother is said to be against her daughter marrying from another tribe.

Lamenting his fate, Oladele said: “I know she didn't like the pastor, she was forced to marry him because three days before the marriage she had been sleeping with me in my house at Iyana Iba. Before her father died early this year, her parents had sanctioned our marriage and we were planning to get married later this year. Trouble started when her father died around January. Unknown to me, Christiana's mother had all along opposed our relationship and it was her father that always prevailed on her to allow the relationship since we both love each other.”
The groom, Pastor Ubong Abasi Okon is said to be the General Overseer of Faith and Fire Prayer Ministry in Lagos.

Reacting to the incident, the lady at the center of the imbroglio, Christiana said:

“I was under pressure from my mom and the pastor. It is true I was five months pregnant for the doctor but my mother ordered me to the village and I was given some herbs to take and I had miscarriage.”

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