By NBF News
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I have no intention here to speak in defense of the school management or the students, in respect of their action or inaction in the whole episode that took place on the 27th day of July 2011.

During the course of my 'campaign' as one of the SUG presidential aspirant, I discovered that students were very aggrieved because of the alleged school bus levy imposed on us( of which some students claim to have their receipt of payment ), introduction of acceptance fee and penalty for late payment of school fees, as all these were clogs in our wheel of smooth 'campaign.'

On several occasions, students swore never to have anything to with students union election as they were alleging that the union leaders who were supposed to  protecting their interest after being compromised, now watch with indifference as the students suffer helplessly.

In the build up of the whole incidence, students went as far as booing some of us on the SUG presidential race out of their classes who had the gut to come back after being told that they no longer have confidence in the union.

I want to use this medium to debunk the allegation that the demonstration was as a result of the students union election, as this has been the news making the rounds in the media and other sensitive quarters. I also want to advise those mischief makers and their coterie of spin doctors feeding the press with these obnoxious information which might end up victimizing innocent students to please stop for the sake of posterity.

Long Live Nigerian Student !  Long Live FEDPONEK !! Long Live Nigeria !!!