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One of the five blocs of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)-Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC), has called on the Federal Government to commence discussion with the dreaded Islamic religious sect, saying that the fire brigade approach to the issue is capable of causing more damages.

Speaking with journalists on the outcome of the third quarterly meeting of the National Executives Council (NEC) of the OAIC held at the C&S Church Movement, Ilorin yesterday, the first Vice Chairman of the association, Apostle-General Joseph Otubu, said the country may be shocked to know the grievances of members of the sectduring the dialogue.

His words: 'One of the things we need to understand is that this is a group of people that are killing when the religion they practice does not allow for killing. So they must have some reasons for doing some of these things. It does no harm to dialogue with them. You remember how dialogue with the Niger-Delta militants brought peace in Nigeria.

'I don't see us losing anything finding out from them why they are doing what they are doing. It costs very little to make peace but expensive to be in crisis and war. With dialogue, it may just be the end of it all and we believe that in no time, all this will pass away.'

The cleric also said the OAIC subscribed to and supported Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) in an effort to midwife peace and to continue to serve as forum of other religious councils in the country to dialogue on religious matters, adding that NIREC provides a veritable platform to dialogue as spirit of God is in the membership.

Prof. Otubu, who talked on the theme of the meeting, And They Cried Unto the Lord, Act 4:24, said the meeting was informed by the level of insecurity in the country, urging Christians to turn and cry to the Lord so that peace could reign amongĀ  Christians and Muslims in all parts of the country.

He said the meeting deliberated on lives of Christians in the northern part of the country, and resolved that they should ask for boldness from God to enable them continued to preach the gospel despite circumstances they found themselves.

He also called for restraint in the face of aggression and urged Christians to embrace dialogue, adding that this was more so as both Bible and Quran do not believe in taking life since we human beings do not create life and thus should not take life. Speaking on the issue of the raging non-interest banking in the country, Prof.Otubu called on Nigerian religious leaders to sit down and discuss the issue for better understanding, rather than debating the matter in the media.

He said the two main religions in the country preach same doctrines, adding that some practitioners input their sentiments and therefore called on religious leaders to always preach the truth according to the holy books.