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A suspected robbery gang leader, Blessing Ohworisi, who is now in police net at the Ekiti State Police Headquarters, Ado-Ekiti, for allegedly killing a Police Constable on July 20 has confessed that he killed the policeman in error after he first shot him in the chest.

Speaking to Daily Sun in an interview, Blessing, a 27-year-old student of the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti said when he went for operation with his gang, he did not know a police officer was in the house where they had gone to carry out their last robbery operation.

According to him, when they entered the house and his two other members were dealing with a woman who mistakenly opened the door for them, somebody switched off the light from the sitting room as he was entering and shot him.

As he was falling down, he said he quickly fired a shot  towards the direction where the gunshot came from, only to discover later that the person he shot was a police officer, after he had been rushed to the hospital.

The robbery suspect disclosed that he took to robbery to complete his education at the polytechnic, where he was studying Science Laboratory Technology before his arrest.

While confessing in the interview, Blessing, who said his father, a poor farmer, died three years ago and his poor mother could not sponsor his education was advised to go into robbery by one of his old friends in secondary school, who told him he would make quick money to finance his education.

He said further that the last operation they went for was the fourth one and they concentrated on snatching at gun point, items like laptops, GSM phone, ATM cards and so on, which he said they could quickly sell and make money.

Blessing lamented that it never occurred to him that they could be caught because they did not depend on juju but on strategic planning and working with intelligence, which they believed would always help them find their ways out of any situation.

He regretted going into the act as a way of sponsoring his education because he had neither wife nor children since he had not married and it remained only a month for him to finish his diploma course at the Federal Polytechnic.

Meanwhile, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Commander in the state, Ogbonna Okoronwo (SP) has vowed to make the state hot for criminals and trouble makers and consequently advised them to leave the state immediately or be ready for the worst.

He assured the law abiding citizens to feel secured in the state, saying  their security was guaranteed because the Police would always protect them and rid the state of hoodlums.

The SARS commander enjoined people of the state to assist the police with information that can help get rid of criminals in their communities, saying such information would be treated with full confidentiality for effective  security of life and property.