By NBF News

Popular actor, Zach Orji has expressed concern over the spate of crashed marriages in Nollywood. The A-list star and father of three has consequently revealed the strategies for a successful marriage. He also talked about other issues. Excerpts:

Not fulfilled
I am not yet fulfilled, I am still working. Talent is such a thing that for as long as you live, it is your responsibility to keep exercising that talent and affecting the lives of people in different ways. So, you may only feel fulfilled when you touch the lives of other people positively. It is a continuous thing, for as long as you live, you keep working.

Secret of my strength
What keeps me going is my firm belief in God, and my total dependence on Him. It is not of him that walks or runs but of God that shows mercy. God will keep renewing your strength and release His grace and mercy upon your life as long as you depend on Him.

Losing a friend in car crash
I don't like talking about the accident because I lost a dear friend and business partner in it. It is one thing to hear of an accident and it is another thing altogether when you experience it yourself, and even lose someone so close to you. But then in everything we give thanks to God.

How I met my wife
Firstly, my wife is from my home town. We are from the same home town. We met after my youth service, during a Christmas celebration. We courted for three years before we decided to get married. When I proposed to her, she accepted. I don't encourage long courtship. It's not necessary. Everybody's circumstance is different and unique. You move by your own circumstance. There are people who may not court up to three years before they get married. It is circumstances that will determine how long you court a woman.

Secret of long-lasting marriage
You must know the woman that you want to marry. You must have total dependence on God because if we depend on human strength, we cannot make marriage work. You must resolve within yourself to make it work and not to use any or every little opportunity to chicken out. Some people don't have the staying power. Some people are not ready to make sacrifices. You must make sacrifices and when children begin to come, you must put them into consideration in whatever you do. A lot of people don't take into consideration what will happen to their children when they divorce. It seems not important to them. I keep praying everyday for my marriage. I have seen people who are married for over 30 years, yet they divorced, so I keep praying that God should continue to guard my marriage.

Next world
If I come to the world next time, I wouldn't mind to be an actor

Advice for upcoming acts
God created everybody with talent.  When we talk about talent, people think only of entertainment but talent could be in every field of endeavour. God gives you that talent to enable you to fulfill your destiny but most times people do not know what their talent is, so they veer off doing something else which is not related to their talent, and this results in things being difficult for them. If you operate with the talent that God blessed you with, things will happen effortlessly. When you're able to discover your talent in time and keep working on it, keep adding value to it, that's what makes the difference and people get to know you and things begin to happen for you. The youth should strive and discover what their talents are. Talent is what God has given them so that they can fulfill their destiny in life.  Everybody was created for a purpose. It takes a lot of hard work and character for one to excel. If you have all the talents in this world and no good character, it is a waste.