Reps to Collaborate with Executive, Civil Society Groups over Swaziland Human Rights Abuses

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House of Representatives would collaborate with the executive, labour union and relevant civil society organizations towards supporting Swaziland to fight human rights abuses in the country.

The Deputy Speaker made the pledge when a delegation of Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions paid him a courtesy visit in his office. The 3-man delegation led by Comrade Gina Mduduzi is on tour to some selected African nations including Nigeria to sensitize parliaments on human rights violations in Swaziland.

Comrade Gina drew the attention of the Deputy Speaker to the human rights violations in Swaziland and the dictatorial power exercised by the country's monarch to suppress the citizens and thwart the electoral process.

He stressed that the Monarch since ascendancy to power in 1973 has been enjoying absolute power, latching on it to inflict human rights abuses and impeding democracy in the country.

He notes:”the king still appoints all the judges of the Courts from the Magistrate the Supreme Court. Also about 60 percent of the members of the Legislature get approval from him before being elected”.

Observing that Nigeria had been playing a big brother role in Africa, he sought the assistance of Nigerian Parliament towards the liberation of the people of Swaziland.

Hon Ihedioha who regretted the situation promised that the House would do everything within its powers to build synergy with other relevant government agencies and civil society groups to lend a helping to the people of Swaziland.

He commended the civil society groups in Swaziland for rising in the defence of their rights. “What is happening in Swaziland is of concern to us here. I must commend you for standing up against injustice. It takes courage, doggedness and boldness to achieve”, he advised.