Once married, now super single ladies

Source: Kemi Lawal - Nigeriafilms.com

Kemi Lawal

Once upon a time, these ladies enjoyed the comfort of matrimony. But for reasons best known to them, they became single again. Many years after, they are yet to find soul mates who will restore them to their former positions. Here are some of the most celebrated of the lot:

- Biola Otufale

Biola Otufale is an epitome of beauty. Her striking looks and alluring physique is one that gives her away easily. You can't miss her in a crowd.
Her charm however failed to prevent her crashed marriage. She used to be married to an Ijebu born chief, Otunba Kayode Otufale.

- Nikki Khiran

One of Lagos finest fashion designers, Nikki Khiran is a testimony in beauty. Well endowed, the amiable woman is one of several known faces who are enjoying spinsterhood again.

- Enitan Bamigboye

Yet another pretty face, Enitan Bamigboye used to be married to former military administrator, Colonel Theophilus Bamigboye. The marriage which was assumed to be made-in-heaven, lasted a few years before the duo went their separate ways; to the consternation of those privy to the union.

- Adaobi Nwakuche

Adaobi Nwakuche's wedding to Fred Nwaeme was characterised by fanfare. A no-expense-spared celebration, it had all the trappings of glamour and was discussed openly long after it was hosted.
The marriage suffered several hiccups that led to its eventual demise barely three years after it was first contracted. While the latter has remarried, the former is still savouring the gains of spinsterhood.

- Bobby Taylor

Not many people know that American returnee and public relations expert, Bobby Taylor, used to be married. A mother of one, the vivacious entrepreneur is single and not searching.
Already an item with Gogo Karibi-Whyte, who was widowed some years ago, there are indications that the duo are considering tying the knots again, judging by amount of time they spend together.

- Rosemary Okeke

A former beauty queen, Rosemary Okeke remains one of Nigeria's most popular former beauty queens. Already in her 40s, Okeke used to be married to Adekunle Wright.
The union, which produced a child, hit the rocks after efforts to salvage it did not yield fruit. Efforts to contract a second marriage has not yielded much.

- Biola Okoya

Beautiful and stylish, Biola Okoya is the most celebrated daughter of Alhaji Rasaq Okoya of the Eleganza fame.
Previously married to Akinwande Johnson, not only is Okoya yet to remarry many years after her first marriage ended, she has also shunned the limelight for up to three years, which has raised eyebrows.

- Deola Sagoe

Another gifted designer, Deola Sagoe, is one of Nigeria's finest creative minds. A wave making clothier, her immense talents failed to come in handy when it mattered most. A lot of people received with shock the crisis that rocked her union with Kofi Sagoe.
While it is not known if the union has been officially annulled by the court of law, the duo, however do not co-habit again.

- Funke Kuti

No one envisaged that Funke Kuti, the estranged wife of Afro beat prince, Femi Kuti, would one day have a crashed marriage. A former dancer in his band, all was well, or so it seemed, until the cracks in their union became visible.
The duo have lived apart for several years and are currently in court seeking dissolution of their marriage.

- Gbemisola Saraki

A governorship candidate in Kwara State at the last election, Gbemisola Saraki is the daughter of Dr Olusola Saraki. A mother of three, she used to be married to Segun Fowora. The marriage ended more than five years ago and she has remained single ever since.

- Edith Jibunoh

One of the daughters of Dr Newton Jibunoh, Edith Jibunoh's marriage to Stan Rerri was short-lived to the utmost surprise of many who witnessed it. The couple parted ways less than a year after the wedding was contracted and Rerri is reported to have found his missing
rib yet again.