'I'm Still Angry With My Son'- Olusola Saraki

Source: huhuonline.com

Despite media reports that he has resolved the problem he had with his son and former Governor of Kwara state, Bukola Saraki, over who should govern the state, Chief Olusola Saraki has said he still has an axe to grind with his son.

  According to head of the Saraki dynasty, despite the fact that his son has apologised to him, he is still angry with him because Gbemi, the former Governor's sister is still bitter over the belief that she was betrayed by Bukola in her bid to become the Governor of the state.  

Gbemi, a former senator had signified interest in the number one seat of the state after receiving the backing of her father, but he was opposed by her brother forcing her and the eldest Saraki to defect from the Peoples Democratic Party to the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, ACPN in order to achieve her dream.  

But she was beaten with other candidates who contested for other positions on the platform of the ACPN by candidates of the PDP. The choice of the former Governor, Abdul Fatai Ahmed, won the governorship seat of the state.  

Olusola Saraki had come out to say he had forgiven his son and as a result, he returned to the PDP fold. But he made a u-turn during a prayer session held Thursday afternoon for his family when he said the reconciliation between him and his son was political and that he had not forgiven him in relation to the family.  

"The crisis is in two arms, we have settled the political aspect, it remains the family aspect because Gbemi is still very angry, and I am behind her for that, we will also settle that later," he maintained.  

Recalling how he was humiliated by his son during the elections, he said: "What happened to me during the last election was a misfortune. I never expected it but I know that was how the Almighty Allah wanted it, and I have taken it as a human being. Since I never expected that it would be my blood that will change the face of Kwara, which he did to my satisfaction and admiration of everybody, then I have to accept this too as my own fate."  

Explaining how the reconciliation between him and his son occurred, Olusola Saraki said: "On the second day of the election, I travelled to USA and four days after the election, Bukola came to see me in Los Angeles to apologise.  

"Later, he made all manner of influential and highly respected people to beg me, and I realise that if I want peace to reign in Kwara, and for opposition party not to be given chances like it happened in the last election, I have to listen to him."  

He also warned the Governor of the state to see him as an elder statesman and accord him the respect he deserves. He also warned him to always consult him on how to move the state forward adding that his second term in office would be determined by how he ran the affairs of the state.