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Source: stella d.k
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This memo is addressed to all the producer,directors and actors who are hiding in the closet with their sexual is not my place to stand up and judge anyone but their sodom and gomorah sexual preference is affecting their trade.they whisper that these producers are initiating more people into their gay world and it is no longer a joke.

That producer(should i mention his name?)that is offering script to male actors with a proposal to warm his bed,should know that his game will soon swallow him.the bad sprit following homosexualism is killing all the movies these people are shooting,it is killing thier already dead storylines as well.

I dont want to beleive that this will be a suprise read to nollywood and its key players.please something should be done to force this homos to play straight or get out.its time to call a spade a spade,the bible says that darkness and light cannot stay together,unless all of nollywood has been swallowed up in homosexualism and lesbianism,then nothing should be done about this new trend.

Shame on all you movie homosexuals,remember that God is watching and no good will come out of soddom and gomorah!...Actors guild is silent on this issue but if it is something that will fetch instant cash,their spokesperson will be heard from miles away,abi?

This is you know any nollywood homosexual,either actor or film-maker?please contact me,i am compiling names.thank you(i hope these gay men use condom?)