INI EDO's Hubby was actresses chewing gum boy

Mr and Mrs Phillip
Mr and Mrs Phillip
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As you are reading this Ini Edo one of Nigerian's A-list actresses is a maaried woman, now known as Mrs ini Edo-Phillip Anyaegnam

But beyond that facade there is still a bickering rumour between the newly wed and some of her friends whom we learnt vowed, not only that they will not attend her wedding, but that it will not hold.

It was the news that made the round week before the wedding that was eventualy held aminst pomp and pegeantry. gathererd that the newest groom in town Phillip was alleged to be a pass around cigareette among some close knitted actresses of which Uche Jumbo, Rukky Sandra, Rita Dominic and co were a top the list. also gathered that the trio had agreed to be milking him as they all pass him around in an alledged sex game.

The story was so fuelled in town that we had no choice but to seek to speak to these once upon a time bossom friends whom are now enemies.

Geting Uche Jumbo and Rukky sandra to give an insight into what led to the sudden crack in the once inseperable relaionship with Ini Edo was not so succesful but Uche Jumbo's contenance and composition is no doubt an attestation to the fact that there is fire on the truly wish that Uche Jombo, Rita Dominic, Rukky Sandra will one day get hooked to another chew gum boy, photocopy or original hubby