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SAYS...“I am doing this to save marriages.”

There is a crisis in the bedroom and an urgent step must be taken to address and contain this crisis. So many otherwise good and healthy marriages have been destroyed; many other wise promising relationships have floundered and fluttered on account of lack of sparks in the bedroom department. This development has fueled infidelity, emotional distance, lack of affection and a severance of ties that bind souls and body to marriages and relationship. Simply put, there is a smoldering fire tearing down and destroying the most important element in a unionphysical intimacy.

Determined to bring back sparks and verve in marriage, Kethurah Hamilton – the long-time girlfriend of Nollywood actor – Jim Iyke fully conscious of the damaging effect lack of intimacy has wrought in relationships has decided to embark on a campaign to bring back intimacy into relationships and marriages. On June 8th, aboard a yacht and in front of a select audience made up Kethurah will launch her specially designed sex enhancement pill called “Sensual Turah.”

In a chat I had with Kethurah she had rationalized the reason why she went into this line of business “Let me tell you something: half of the problems that couple experience in their marriages or relationships, can be attributed to one area: lack of intimacy and sexual dysfunction. I have heard and read numerous stories of lovers and couple who, in spite of material blessings are just not happy. If you saw them at functions, you would think they are a picture of marital bliss and happiness, but deep down, there is a chasm – an emotional void, because the most important area of marriage or relationship no longer sparkle or thwartle. The light bulb in that department had either dimmed or went out all together, leaving the couple to grope in the dark alleys of emotional fulfillment. Sometimes, couples are too embarrassed to talk openly about it, but there is no doubt that it is killing relationships and marriages and I felt an urgent need to do something about it.

In my extensive travels to Africa – to model and shoot movies, I came across a lot of natural herbs that a lot of people don't know are more effective than the much touted Viagra and I decided to go to work to put these herbs, which are all natural and with no side effects to use, and the result is the product called Sensual Turah. This product will certainly bring back the sparks in the intimacy department for most couples. As a model and an actress, I have come to appreciate the importance of combining looks and being sensual at the same time. With Sensual torah, you will experience “a passion in every drop.”

Keturah who has been enjoying a sizzling romance with Nollywood actor Jim Iyke was coy about the rumored wedding plans with the actor “Let me tell you something: You'll be the first to know when we are ready to cross that bridge.”