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Married Boys still hot in demand

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They are sex symbols in their own right. And they represent the new generation of movie and musical stars. In so many ways, they have also made modest contributions to the development of today's entertainment industry.

They are married but their presence still commands a lot of influence especially amongst young ladies who cant stop screaming whenever they make appearances at public functions. .

Today Weekend Groove takes a look at the profile of some of these incredibly handsome men of our time,


Ramsey Nouah

Ramsey Nouah is one of the leading actors in Nollywood and has been in the industry for more than two decades .His acting career kicked off when he starred in the Nigerian

TV soap opera Fortunes and since then , he has appeared in numerous films starring as the lead role.

He has been called lover boy for his roles in numerous romantic films. and due to his light skin complexion he was selected to star in several love related romantic films.

In 2010, Ramsey won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a leading role for his performance in the best picture award winning film.

He is also considered to be one of the most sought after actors in Nigeria entertainment industry .Now married to Emilia, the couple have two lovely children. Still he looks more handsome and wanting.

Richard Mofe Damijo

When Nigerian motion picture lovers think of an actor possessing thorough character interpretation, versatility, fine attention to detail, style and panache, whose name do you imagine would pop up? Richard Mofe Damijo's of course, who has emerged the best actor in Nigeria twice.

RMD considered one of the hottest actors of all time with his cute smiles and dimples, has been in some of the best Nigerian movies. Even though he likes to play “well grounded characters” in his movies, RMD wears several hats: he's a playwright, poet, publisher, entrepreneur and now work for the Delta State Government as a commissioner.

Also, through a relentless pursuit of professionalism in Nollywood and an innate ability to do common things in an uncommon manner, Richard Mofe Damijo has emerged the actors' actor.

Desmond Elliot

Desmond Eliot is married and currently has two children but still, he still looks dangerously handsome. Desmond was once accused of focusing his hubs on the female actresses in Nollywood..

He is indeed one of the talented actors in the Nigerian movie industry. With a father from Lagos State and a mother from Anambra State, Desmond has paid his dues. A graduate of Economics at the Lagos state University, he started his acting career with soap operas.

Today, Desmond Elliot has become a household name such that there are few top class movies that his name will be missing. He has in many ways contributed to the Nigerian entertainment industry .

Femi Branch

as one of Nollywood leading star was not a popular actor, but soon became the toast of many producers in dire need of guys who would play the “bad boy' role” in movies.

Considered a great actor Femi acts like that's his everyday life. You would hardly notice any difference between the reality and the movie with him..Femi has been featured in several Yoruba and English home videos and soap opera.. Either English or Yoruba, this does not change his proper delivery of scripts. Femi who was a graduate of religious studies, was said by fans that he was going to become a pastor but changed course to the calling that has brought him fame and has taken his art beyond commercial acting into the domain of television commercials. His acting savvy has caught the eyes of television commercials and producers which has made him more popular in entertainment industry .

Sunny Nejii

Sunny Neji's simple persona, pleasant and humble character plus his outstanding endowments in terms of music makes him not only an irresistible package as a performing and recording artiste but also an amiable and clean living gentlemen

“Oruka” (wedding band) is one hit amongst others, which can be referred to as a timeless classic as it became an unofficial wedding song in Nigeria.

Truly as predicted, over the next couple of years the “Unchained” album, blew up to become one of the most celebrated albums in recent times. These developments set the pace for some of the great milestone achievements that marked the artiste”s career, like being chosen as the icon of Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River State Nigeria, GLO Ambassador, performing at concerts , as well as winning a KORA award for the Best West African Artiste in 2005.

Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike is one of the cutest actors in today's Nollywood. Rated as the third sexiest male in Nollywood in 2009 by the Saturday Vanguard and winner of Nigerian Breweries sponsored , Celebrity Ultimate Search, Emeka Ike is considered as one of most hardworking dudes in the movie industry.

Owner of a private school in the high flying bog boys zone of Magodo GRA in Lagos, Emeka continues to dazzle babes most whom he considers his best fans.

When he discovered that white collar job was not forth coming, Emeka opted for the acting profession.

At the beginning it was an uphill task convincing his parents and getting their support because they thought he's going to be way ward and their dream for him to become a successful engineer a dream lost.

But today he is one of those who have redefined Nollywood with own style and passion for what he does. That actually paved the way for him and his parents have since seen that he wasn't foolish after all.

Mike Ezurounye

Mike Ezuruonye is Nollywood golden boy who has many female fans tripping over his boyish good looks and on screen charisma. The Lagos born actor like many other of his Nollywood counterparts found his way into Nollywood by accident. Convinced by an old friend of his Ruke Amata to join, Mike has continued to bless his fans with his amazing talents. As an accounting student Mike never thought he'd find himself a superstar, but dedication and love of his craft, has made him one of Nigeria's hottest Nollywood actors.

Ramsey Nouah

Richard Mofe Damijo

Desmond Elliot

Femi Branch

Sunny Neji

Emeka Ike