By NBF News

ABUJA-THE Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs Diezani Allison-Madueke, yesterday strongly denied allegations of corruption which said she was indicted for fraud on two different occasions by the Senate, describing those behind the rumour are enemies of progress.

She said the story was unfortunate and uncalled for adding that those behind the story are nameless cowards hiding behind some unscrupulous reporters to commit all sorts of defamatory allegations. She also challenged those behind the report to come up with their evidence.

The minister warned further that she would take legal action should the issue be raised again.

She reasoned that how could the same Senate that was alleged to have indicted her on two different occasions clear her for ministerial appointment.

Madueke also absolved herself from the allegation of serving the interest of any oil company.

'I think is very unfortunate in Nigeria that when you hold this kind of office and you are actually working hard for the benefit of your countrymen and women, a lot of nameless cowardly people hide behind unscrupulous reporters to come up with all sorts of defamatory, libellous accusations that they have absolutely no evidence for.

'It will not have been possible if I had been indicted of fraud twice by a National Assembly, for the same assembly to have cleared me for a ministerial position more than once. That will obviously not have been possible. If any body has evidence as to the level of allegations of fraud that have been mentioned in the papers in the last few weeks, let them bring them forward otherwise, I will be instituting civil action against anybody who brings up this sort of shameless and defamatory issues again. I think it is most uncalled for,' she said.