What good is a rich man of valor that cannot spend his money in the company of ladies of virtue? Whatever the world is coming to is beyond many of these madams of virtue. There used to be a time when rich customers were welcomed into their bosoms but these days there are some squealers amongst them killing business. It is becoming difficult to attract well paying customers to the business because their wives remind them of the price men like Berlusconi and DSK have to pay, apart from cash.

On the other hand are those of us that cannot get ladies to befriend before we can even propose marriage. Rich customers call us losers because they are ready to pay anything to get a piece of ass we want out of love for free. No such thing my dear, good love is a very expensive business, they tell us. If you have been wondering why that girl would not give you a face, now you know. Presidents, governors, Oba, Emir and Obi are ready to pay ladies what we consider outrageous money. “Chei, poor man dey suffer, no be small O”

However, nothing comes for free of charge. When it comes to ladies, you either pay now or pay later. If she loves you, please live up to it and be a man. Being a man means to be able to work your butt off and pay the bills. Rich ladies spend their money on themselves and their children if the man does not. There was a song that nothing goes on but the rent. So my man, rise up and support your family if you are looking for love. But if you are rich and can pay up front, it has become even more painfully expensive as a customer.

If men cannot behave badly on the job, there must be a place out of the peeping eyes of the press where rich men, as free speech can spend their money, can relax with women of their choice while they drink wine and chat with friends. It used to be the golf, country or men's club. Guess what? Women and minority have sued for discrimination because that is where rich men discuss business deals and make mega decisions on contracts with their cronies; discounting others input from work. So, prominent men have resigned from those clubs and some of those clubs have to accommodate women and minorities as well.

The other day we were just enjoying good weather with barbeque chicken and beef. There comes a lady telling us beef is not good for us and another said if the chicken got too burnt, it can cause cancer. If we cannot drink, smoke or enjoy some barbeque, there must be some women that enjoy rich men's company. If we cannot enjoy the company of some ladies, there must be something out there rich men do apart from working to death.

Something tells us since the days of President Clinton and Monica that “thing has fallen apart”. This is a lady in love with the President of United States: a very handsome man, powerful and very good on women issues. Yet, some people got jealous and wanted to find out every salacious details of their relationship. They were not hurting anyone, the lady was not complaining but some ugly people that cannot attract a fly or opposite sex sat down in judgment, determined to destroy a president.

We came to find out that almost all of those preaching and seeking his impeachment had their own affairs in the corner; some of their girlfriends were wives of their staff, some could not get it to stand and some of those that could, prefer same sex affairs. What they were involved in was far worse than the man they condemned. It did not stop there, it opened the floodgate for media to peep into world leaders affairs. Well, DSK brought this unto himself because he could not resist the African beauty, and the Italian Prime Minister could not resist mixing blood with a teenager; no matter the cost for either.

In the process the careers of some of them were torpedoed like the Governor of New York, Texas and that of California got his wife and maid pregnant at the same time under the same roof. The President of South Africa almost lost the election but people got tired of peeping press and gossips. Some kings were also criticized for traditional choosing of wives. Well, in that case, those wives were on the too young a side to take. But some other king in Nigeria that disgraced his wife in public was quickly dethroned, and another charged to court for the abuse of young graduate intern.

We all have our weaknesses and a woman is one of them. Some wives get disappointed when they discovered who their husbands were shacking with. Only if she was a little older, prettier, a little educated, not a house maid or their best friend or a hooker. They could have tolerated a better lady or a smarter one. But tell women to chose any of those they like, they will bark at you. Before it became public, what did these wives know about their husbands and when did they become aware their men had to do these to enjoy himself. Wives need to realize that in the eyes of the Lord, all women are created equal.

So what is a man to do? Stay home with your family they replied. It means that in this new climate, men cannot be same old men again. Some men have debated it amongst themselves and have agreed that sexual harassment is a sin and no respectable man must engage in such a despicable act that defiled women with or without their wish. It is true that some of them kicked against sexual harassment and blamed Women's liberation movement for exaggerating it. Some even claimed a few ladies asked for it.

It seems that the places men can relax are getting smaller in number and places. When men go on business trips, they become tired after a hard day's work. They go back into their hotels and pick up the phone to call a trusted madam. Please send me Angelina again since she understands my request, they demand. Price has never been the problem. Some of the ladies claimed their tasks were as easy as playing overbearing actress or just listening to pressure at work. Lately, it has become arduous with viagra. Those madams have gone high tech listing the names of their clients in their personal computer.

In order to appear tough on crime and sleaze, hypocrites ran on family values, proposed and passed laws that will hang or castrate offenders. They outlaw the profession of the same ladies they cuddle up with when lonely. When madams fight back and release the list of their client, politicians, governors, presidents, oba, emir and obi start dropping like flies from the air. People hate hypocrites thinking they voted or installed those with greater virtues than themselves. We are all the same, but some secretes are kept longer than the rest of us because of the amount of money rich men spend to cover-up.

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