Lately powerful men from different walks of life have had their libido extravaganza exposed by capture, act of carelessness, or police reports. Some of these men of highly political leadership or religious order were discovered with Viagra to boast their drive for forbidden fruits. Forbidden fruit comes in different figures and color of black and white beauties but mostly in a younger woman commanding “full attention” of some older men misbehaving before they stand “at ease”. Anytime there is sex, different ethnicity and money, you gain media interest especially if these hypocrites have championed racist views.

This is where men of power and virtues go wrong looking for cheap trill armed with Viagra. It does not matter if ladies are African, African American, African European, snow white or the exotic in-betweens. You must treat women right. If you try to be smart thinking of only one night stand, you may be stuck in reverse to try again, if that good or risk some disease. The same people that call you great seducer and ladies' man will escort you to jail or hospital. Presidents have been disgraced from Africa to Middle East to Europe and America. So are Reverend Fathers, Imams and lately a recluse was caught dead with Viagra.

Viagra has made matters worse since it also gets to men's heads. Women of virtues' jobs have been made difficult and they have to work harder for their pay since a drug initially intended for hypertensive patients to clear their clogged arteries, now works miracles somewhere else. These powerful men used to enjoy only flirting, just lie down and talk about their problems and leave. Now they brag and some expire in action from exaggerated performance trying to prove prowess and endurance. We are all vulnerable but discipline, shame and local cultures help.

We have a better drug in Africa called “burantashi, agunmu dada ni” that does not go into peoples' head like Viagra but with all its miracles guaranteed. If you are interested, be careful of its source or better still ask a reputable African herbal pharmacist. You will vouch that most drugs have their origin in Africa. You must be warned, however, that black beauties do not come with it. Contrary to some notions, black beauties do not come cheap. There are expensive dowries or respect to pay. If you find one in Diaspora, we demand you treat her well; otherwise you end up in jail like our friends in the news.

Sex has always been human's weakness and some religious books have testified to that from the early days on earth. The reason we are attracted to each other is to populate the world and grow. As we are now in the process of living longer, some countries have adopted different political and scientific methods to control population. If we want to manage population we have to tame our sexual habits. Therefore, sex has gone from procreating to recreational friendship. The disadvantages of obsessions and quid pro quo are deviant behaviors that have replaced decency and offended our dignity.

Some men are late bloomers that have acquired power, money and suddenly command the attraction of ladies; types that never gave them a chance when younger. So they try to make up forgetting they may not be as fit for soccer or rugby to score as often. They find it hard to take no for an answer because in their days, no means try harder. The fact that some young ladies may still belong to that generation is not worth the trouble since they have the right to change their minds anytime in the game. Mr. Dick , a coward most times, shrinks at objections. Why let her leave you exhausted or dead in an hotel?

Young women can be enticing, pleasant and vulnerable but so are men. Usually, smart older men would allow these young women to choose them instead of thinking you can buy them at any price. Indeed, that is where the problem starts. Boisterous old men lack the stamina to match the young women but the fools think they have something to prove and fail miserably chasing it. Some of these men are driven by ego more than actual thirst to satisfy a need. There are also some of the young women out there that are looking for prey they can get rich on. They find power, position and money sexy. So, one may deserve the other. Well, we all say that until either is caught in act of passion.

We have to do something about some of our brightest older men going down the drain because of careless sexual desire realizing that the world has changed and women are no longer toys to play with. The fact is there are still double standards everywhere. Most men and boys do not take abuse of boys by older women seriously. Actually young boys dream wishing for the day they can jump into bed with that older lady they had a crush on. Dads indirectly encourage their sons but are ready to gun anyone down for looking at their daughters. The thought process is the same but the gender is different.

We have to realize though that the devastating effect on the career of young women that are abused is much greater than those of boys that are abused. These days, there are opportunists that misbehave or commit crime blaming it on some abuse they suffered as a child. There are all sorts of abuses that do not involve sex which men and women have overcome in life and moved on to become greater than the offenders. While early counseling is good for any type of abuse, men and women must be encourage not to let abuses block them from reaching greater heights in life.

More studies are needed to compare sexual abuses in monogamous and polygamous communities. Religious polygamy is something else because of the different type of abuses in those communities that are not frequent in monogamous or polygamous countries. Inbreeding and under age marriage are still discouraged in most societies. It is a fact though that once there are an unequal number of women and men willing to marry, the surplus ones will always finds a way to get his or her share of sex. Countries where females pay exorbitant dowries are suffering the consequences of males' choice at birth through genetic test. This is what leads to desperate and deviant behavior.

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