By NBF News

The discovery of a bomb-making factory at Rafin Guza area of Kaduna by the Nigeria Police is one of the worrisome developments that characterised the just-concluded general elections in the country. The plant is believed to be the source of some of the bombs that rocked states in the North during the election season, and resulted in loss of lives.

Police officer in charge of electoral duties in Kaduna State during the elections, Mr. Haruna John, while conducting newsmen round the bomb-making site, said suspects have been arrested and are undergoing investigation.

Among offensive items discovered by the police bomb disposal unit are high-calibre explosives reportedly hidden in vegetable oil gallons. They are capable of causing massive destruction. Other items include special rifles, locally made pistols and dane guns and ammunition. The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. Hafiz Ringim, has constituted an investigation team to look into the matter. He charged the team to be thorough and diligent in the discharge of their assignment.

By all accounts, the bomb-manufacturing plant raises serious security concerns. It aptly signals a dangerous phase in our democratic process. Illegal manufacturing of bombs poses a great threat to security, and this discovery must not be taken lightly. The police authorities, including bomb experts and other related security agencies, should work hand-in-hand to determine and arrest the owners of the factory.

The discovery of the bomb-making site suggests that it may be just one of many such in the country that are yet to be discovered. Existence of such units may be the reason for increased bombing incidents across the country, especially the Northern states, which witnessed a harvest of bomb blasts before and after the elections. Security agents need to be diligent to uncover similar sites wherever they may be located in the country.

Unlawful production of bombs is a criminal offence. We urge the police authorities and other agencies to see the Kaduna discovery as a wake up call to take issues of national security more seriously. A situation where unknown persons set up arms manufacturing sites is a threat to the state.

More vigilance is required by all - the police, other security agencies and the citizenry. This is not the time to toy with matters that pose great danger to our national sovereignty. This discovery should be matched with a sincere resolution and proactive strategy to fish out the sponsors of the factory. Those behind the facility should be fished out, prosecuted and given the maximum punishment prescribed by law. This will deter other Nigerians from similar nefarious activity. Our democracy was hard fought for and won. The successful conduct of the elections, despite the odds, demonstrates the resolve of a vast majority of Nigerians to see the system succeed.

Anyone that tries to make a mockery of the quest for peace and security in the country through manufacturing of firearms and terrorism should be promptly checked. Illegal manufacturing of bombs and other munitions is a despicable practice that must not be allowed a foothold in the country.